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Fears growing about impact of xenophobic rhetoric in Congress

The ramping up of rhetoric against anything associated with China in Congress sparked outrage this week.

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) questioned the loyalty of Rep Judy Chu (D-CA).

“I question her either loyalty or competence,” Gooden told Fox News on Wednesday, reported The Hill. “If she doesn’t realize what’s going on then she’s totally out of touch with one of her core constituencies.”

Gooden maintained that Chu should be denied access to classified materials for defending Dominic Ng, saying Biden’s nominee to head U.S trade interests in Asia, is working on behalf of Communist China.

“Insinuating that Chair Chu is disloyal to the United States because she is Chinese American is categorically wrong,” said the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus in a statement to AsAmNews. “This type of racist targeting and profiling of Chinese Americans by right-wing extremists is not only xenophobic, it is incredibly dangerous. After centuries of being targeted for not being ‘American enough’ and viewed with suspicion based on looking ‘foreign,’ this type of insinuation and fear mongering only further endangers our communities.”

Chu herself also responded to Gooden during an interview with NBC News.

“Rep. Gooden’s comments on Fox News questioning my loyalty to the USA is absolutely outrageous,” said Chu. “It is based on false information spread by an extreme, right-wing website. Furthermore, it is racist. I very much doubt that he would be spreading these lies were I not of Chinese American descent.”

Gooden, however, is doubling down on his statement saying he questions Chu’s “loyalty and competence.”

“I’m really disappointed and shocked that someone like Judy Chu would have a security clearance and entitled to confidential intelligence briefings until this is figured out.”

However, according to the America’s Voice, Gooden’s comments are part of a trend from Texas elected representatives who “have recently turbo-charged their embrace of ‘replacement theory’ and ‘invasion’ rhetoric as part of “their non-stop anti-immigrant focus.”

The group in its new report called out Reps. Brian Babin, Jodey Arrington, Beth Van Duyne, Ronny Jackson, Chip Roy, Louie Gohmert, and Gooden.

“Every Texas Republican, whether running for federal or state office must disavow such ideas and rhetoric, otherwise, they too own it,” said Mario Carrillo, Texas-based Campaigns Manager for America’s Voice. “We have seen the deadly effects of letting conspiracy theories and racist lies go unchallenged. When they are amplified by some of the most powerful people in the nation and left to fester, the problem will only get worse.”

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