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Elon Musk uses Asians in defense of Dilbert creator’s remarks about Black people

Twitter CEO Elon Musk channeled Whites and Asians in defending Dilbert creator Scott Adams after the cartoonist suggested Whites “just get away” from Blacks.

Hundreds of newspapers dropped the Dilbert strip following Adams’s remarks which also labeled Black people as a “hate group.”

“For a very long time, U.S. media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against Whites and Asians,” Musk tweeted. “Same thing happened with elite colleges & high schools in America. Maybe they can try not being racist.”

It’s unclear why Musk is making the connection between suggesting Whites stay away from Black people and Asians, but it appears to be another example of Asians being used as a wedge to belittle the Black community.

“It’s like the Energizer Bunny,” said Ellen D. Wu about the model minority myth in 2017 to NPR.

Janelle Wang of the University of Maryland’s Asian American Studies program agreed saying the wedge of the model minority myth “1) ignores the role that selective recruitment of highly educated Asian immigrants has played in Asian American success followed by 2) making a flawed comparison between Asian Americans and other groups, particularly Black Americans, to argue that racism, including more than two centuries of black enslavement, can be overcome by hard work and strong family values.”

However, for the most part, Asian Americans have responded to Musk with a collective yawn.

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  1. Every race in every country has been enslaved not just blacks . One of my grandfather ancestors was kidnapped from his family and country when he was 6yrs old living in Scotland. He was put on a ship to America and sold as a slave.
    There are still people to this day that are stollen, sold, and enslaved. Instead of the continual complaining and demanding of reparations for the black community only for people who were never stollen, sold, and enslaved, spend that money to find and free the people who are currently enslaved. Use the money to form a military group to free the current people enslaved and prosecute the criminals to the fullest extent of the law making the sentence very long so it won’t be worth them doing it if they spend 50yrs plus in prison. People are stollen from America at the rate of 2 people every minute of every day. Why doesn’t the mainstream new media every talk about this?


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