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Ronny Chieng and Hasan Minhaj roast each other on ‘The Daily Show’

Hasan Minhaj hosted “The Daily Show” last week and included a segment where he traded insults with comedian and Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng.

Minhaj opened the segment by sarcastically asking Chieng where COVID came from, with Chieng questioning why he asked the Asian guy to do the COVID story. Minhaj reminded Chieng that he was “pigeonholed” into doing any segment relating to Islam on “The Daily Show” because he was Muslim.

The two also made fun of each other’s names as well as their recent projects. At the end of the segment, however, they joked that they shouldn’t fight because that would be letting “White people win.”

After viewing the segment, some fans called for a show that featured Minhaj and Chieng roasting each other.

“a weekly “HASAN VS. RONNY” debate show where these two just mercilessly cut each other down for half an hour and then end with a gentle hug and a handshake WHEN,” television writer William Yu tweeted.

“New Daily Show should just be Ronny and Hasan alternating as hosts and arguing about it,” Anthony DeRosa wrote.

You can watch the full segment on Youtube.

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