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Is Jason Momoa oversexualizing Native Hawaiians?

Actor and leading man Jason Momoa is being accused of using his Native Hawaiian culture to fetishize himself and others.

The controversy has been bubbling for months and doesn’t seem to be losing steam.

It started when Momoa posted a photo on social media showing off his well-sculpted body while wearing only a malo, a Native Hawaiian loin cloth.

Others shared the photo as well.

The reaction was over the top.

Momoa however didn’t end it there. He decided to take his show on national TV on the Jimmy Kimmel show, stripping down to…you guessed it…only his malo.

The hot controversy just got hotter.

In the last few weeks, both Buzzfeed and Fandomwire have written articles about Momoa’s malo fashion show.

What’s your take on all this? Let us know.

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  1. “Oversexualization”? Good grief. All that from one guy baring his backside eh?

    Wonder if these thinkpiece authors from buzzfeed could give some prime examples rather than “look at this random Native Hawaiian that was sexualized over 20 years ago!”

    Are these people up in arms over an AAPI man being “oversexualized”… or are they not comfortable with an AAPI man not sporting fake buck teeth with glasses and a bowtie to match their archaic thinking of what a modern AAPI man could be?

    Were white men “oversexualized” when all the Chris’ of the MCU and DCU had an obligatory shirtless scene? Is anyone accusing Chris Hemsworth of “oversexualizing” white men when he literally bares his bum in the latest Thor movie, or when he uploads countless number of shirtless selfies at the gym on his social medias?

    Why the certain narrative when an AAPI man willingly shows off his body?

    This method of shaming by virtue of “outrage justice” isn’t doing the community any favors. All it does is reinforce stereotypical tropes that stick in the real world.


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