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Man arrested for opening door midflight on Asiana speaks out

A man arrested for opening the door prior to the landing of an Asiana flight is saying why he did it.

ABC News identified the suspect only as “Lee” and reports he says he did it because he felt claustrophobic and had recently lost his job.

According to USA Today, at least 12 people suffered injuries in the incident on Friday during a flight in South Korea from the southern island of Jeju to the city of Daegu.


Police in Korea have arrested a man for opening the emergency exit door of an Asiana Airlines flight during landing. #traveltok #airtravel #plane #aeroplane #travel

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194 people were on board and fortunately, most were strapped in as the door opened as the plane was descending to land.

Fox Business describes the suspect as in his 30’s and reports it happened at the 700-foot level during the descent. It says the suspect told authorities he wanted to get out of the plane quickly.

The plane involved in the incident has been grounded by Asiana.

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