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Student blasted for wearing Philippine flag on graduation stole

By Randall Yip, AsAmNews Executive Editor

Filipinos are largely coming to the defense of a college graduate who displayed the flag of the Philippines incorrectly.

Ironically, the controversy erupted when @Sansophs on TikTok voluntarily pointed out that the flag displayed on her graduation stole presented the flag backward.

“So I took my grad photos this past weekend, and I sent this photo to my parents, and my Ninong (Tagalog for godfather) texted me saying that the Filipino stole is wrong. I was like, ‘What?’ Apparently, when you’re looking at the stole, the blue is supposed to be on the left side because it means we’re in a time of peace. And if it’s the other way around, which is how I was wearing it, it means that we’re in a time of war…I don’t know if it’s a big deal. I just don’t want to get flamed by Filipinos for representing my culture incorrectly.”


literally all the filipino stoles have the red on the left 😭 how did i not know this #greenscreen #graduate #filipino

♬ original sound – soph 🫶🏽

But she did get flamed. Fellow TikTok creator @sleoin2 went after @SanSophs saying she only touched the surface with her mea culpa.

“First of all, you didn’t do your research.” He went on to say it’s illegal to display the flag on a costume, quoting Republic Act 8491.

“It states it should be prohibited to wear the flag in whole or in part as part of a costume or uniform…the correct way to wear the Filipino flag is to not wear it all”

@Sleoin2’s video has already been taken down, but @BigLumpia has stitched it together while coming to the defense of @Sansophs.

@Biglumpia wondered if it’s illegal to wear the Filipino flag, why is it being sold in the first place? She found the Filipino flag adorned on the sash she wore at her grade school graduation- even displaying the tag from the manufacturer.

Don’t blame Filipino Americans, she suggested. Blame the companies selling the flag in the first place.


#stitch with @Sleoin | “mema” on Spotify my opinion on wearing a #filipino sash at graduations #greenscreenvideo

♬ original sound – big lumpia

@Sansophs had her own response to @sleoin2. “What I will not tolerate is being called whitewashed,” she said. “In a country where we are “othered,” many Filipinos choose to rep their flag to show they are visibly proud of their ethnicity.”


#stitch with @Sleoin | “mema” on Spotify what i will not tolerate though, is being called whitewashed, “clout chasing,” performative, having a colonizer mindset, or not filipino for simply stating that wearing a flag is perceived differently in the US. In a country where we are” othered” many students choose to rep their flag to show they are visibly proud in their ethnicity. Many of the comments were informing me which is fine, however airing your frustration and critcism about diaspora being unaware shouldnt be towards me individually, but rather at the enforcement and misinformation of flag etiquette. I am undeniably filipino, it is an integral part of my life and in everything i do. Saying i choose to be when its “ convenient” for me is simply untrue when it influences how i am treated and how i navigate life.

♬ original sound – soph 🫶🏽

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