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Teen gets 26 years in murder & rape in Milwaukee park

A judge sentenced a 19-year-old teenager to 26 years for the murder and rape of a woman enjoying the day at a Milwaukee park, reports CBS58.

Milwaukee County Judge Glen Yamahiro sentenced Kamare Lewis to 26 years in prison and 19 years of extended supervision.

“This is one of the most brutal crimes I’ve seen in the last 20 years on the bench. Maybe it is the most brutal crime,” said Yamahiro.

17 when the crime occurred, Lewis along with then 15-year-old Kevin T. Spencer, Jr. saw Ee Lee in the park when they began harassing her, according to the criminal complaint, reported TMJ4. Prosecutors say the harassment quickly turned to physical and sexual violence.

The defendants are accused of pulling her into the pond and leaving her for dead. At least one of the defendants recorded the attack and posted it online.

She died in the hospital three days later.

“I want justice for my younger sister,” said Nancy Lee through a Hmong interpreter. “Her life was taken away from her.”

Surveillance video shows some 5-6 people involved in the attack. One witness identified only as LJ identified both suspects. Another witness known as KA admitted deleting video of the incident uploaded to Facebook Messenger. The mother of KA contacted authorities about the video.

A third person, KG, told authorities both defendants admitted their involvement to him.

The crime shocked Wisconsin’s Hmong American community.

Lewis apologized to both Lee’s family and to his own family for what he did.

Spencer is scheduled to be sentenced August 3rd.

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      • Eligible for parole before he’s 30. Democrats want him back on the street ASAP so he can start terrorizing innocent people again. Lowlife degenerate street thugs; their paramilitary against the middle class, are ALWAYS given the white gloves treatment. Meanwhile, ordinary middle class Americans are dragged through the mud for self-defense or even speaking out against this.

        • Isn’t Wisconsin a swing state and pretty divided between Dems and Repubs? Not sure what this has to do with either party.

  1. They will use this to add to the statistics “proving” that “Whyte Supreme-a-see” is 100,000% super-duper truthfully the most dangerous and lethal domestic threat


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