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Colleen Ballinger facing backlash for past ‘Gangnam Style’ video

Colleen Ballinger, otherwise known by her satirical online persona ‘Miranda Sings’, has been facing much criticism for what her critics consider offensive videos she has created in the past.

From grooming and bullying allegations to accusations of exploiting minors, in addition to a plethora of unacceptable comments made on various topics, the YouTuber’s reputation has begun to plummet.

Still, her long list of controversies continues to grow, with the latest resurfaced video depicting her rapping and singing along to Korean pop star Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’.

In the video, Ballinger seemingly mocks Koreans, making a joke about the widely popular song. Throughout the video, she sings in gibberish, adding on stereotypical Japanese words such as “sudoku” and “Tamagotchi.”

The video gained over 10 million views, causing viewers today to wonder how the content was deemed acceptable in the first place.

Released back in 2012, Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ is considered to be a major catalyst in the breakthrough of Korean culture around the world. It is a source of pride for Koreans that Gangnam Style gained Korean pop culture greater recognition outside of East Asia.

Gyu Tag Lee, an associate professor of cultural studies specializing in Korean culture at George Mason University’s South Korean campus informed CNN News that “without the big hit that was ‘Gangnam Style,’ there may not have been BTS, there may not have been Blackpink.”

Thus, the Colleen Ballinger video angered many viewers and quickly became a hot topic on multiple platforms including Twitter and TikTok. The issue gained greater attention as more and more people brought up instances of Ballinger’s wrongdoings.

Many followers and non-followers alike expressed their disapproval: “It’s like she took the list of what not to do and did all of them,” one person commented on TikTok.

Others joked about Ballinger needing to create a “whole new ukulele apology video”, referring to the time Ballinger posted an apology video while playing the ukulele after she was accused of inappropriate conduct around minors.

According to CBS News, Ballinger recently posted a video titled ‘hi.’ where she indeed once again played the ukulele to sing about the “toxic gossip train” she has been experiencing recently. She claimed that some of the allegations being made against her are not true.

NBC News reports that Ballinger is currently on a Miranda Sings tour, which will end in September.

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