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Store clerks who stopped suspected thief under investigation

Two store clerks in Stockton, California who stopped a suspected cigarette thief are now under investigation for possible assault, reports the Daily Mail.

Video that went viral shows a masked thief emptying 7-11 store shelves full of cigarettes into a trash can.

One store clerk is later seen wrestling with the thief while another with a large stick beats him in the leg and the buttocks.

‘On Thursday August 3, 2023, thanks to the diligence of a witness recording the July 29 robbery and assault, the Stockton Police Department was able to combine the investigations of the suspected robberies and suspected assault, the police said in a statement.

‘The case has been assigned to our Investigations Bureau for follow-up interviews and evidence review. Once the investigations are complete the findings will be forwarded to the San Joaquin County District Attorney for review.’

According to KCRA, police say the same suspect may be involved in two other incidents at the same store 24 hours before the latest incident.

In one case, authorities say a man went behind the counter and began stuffing cigarettes into a trash bag. He also allegedly threatened to shoot the clerk if he intervened.

In another case just hours later, they say the same man returned, this time simulating having a gun and demanding money. When the clerk refused, the man took food items and ran off.

The clerks were hailed as heroes following the stick incident by many who watched the video on social media.

Now that word has surfaced that they are being investigated, but are expressing frustration at the police.

Both clerks are described as Sikh Americans.

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  1. The store keepers are supposed to just stand by and watch this guy throw stuff into a trashcan and walk out? This is the only way to stop these blatant shoplifters.

  2. When a thief uses force and fear against a victim in the process of committing a crime, it becomes a robbery. Watch the suspects right had repeatedly move to his right rear pocket and you can plainly see that he is simulating and threatening the use of a weapon.

    The use of a stick to defend the victims is clearly a reasonable response to the fear that the robber was employing. Any reasonable person can see that the two victims were defending each other by employing pain compliance.


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