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The Dragon is here, will it be your lucky year?

As the docile hare leaps away, the only mythical creature of the 12 zodiacs is about to arrive for the Year of the Dragon. Soaring through the sky with clawed feet, fiery red mane, piercing eyes, and fearsome teeth, the dragon is perceived just as it’s depicted, full of reverence and celestial powers.

This sacred creature is a very popular zodiac sign. Those born in the year of the dragon are known to be charismatic, confident, and ambitious. According to the South China Morning Post, dragon babies are also innovative and inquisitive in their thinking, allowing them to flourish in their professional pursuits. 

“It’s believed that the Dragon represents strong and great leadership. A lot of people are looking to have dragon babies this year,” said Thierry Chow, a Hong Kong-based consultant, to CNN.

To tell the fortunes of this year, we must also account for the element. A heavenly stem, which is one of five elements that fall into the yin and yang categories, is paired with the zodiac. This year’s element is wood, so we have the year of the Wood Dragon. The wood element clashes with the earth element of the dragon, meaning that elements of wood will suppress earth this year. 

Chow said industries with a strong wood presence will thrive this year, including culture, publishing, and floristry. 

“I imagine people who are dragons feel like this year will be extra special for them with good opportunities coming in and overall will be a lucky year,” said Nhi Dang, a Vietnamese American living in New York.

Not quite. According to Chow, when we face our “ben ming nian,” the year of our own zodiac sign, there are likely more disruptions and changes that could happen. Unfortunately for the dragons, there may be tougher luck this year and limitations with work and relationships.

Those born in the years of pig, rat, goat, monkey, and tiger are predicted to be the luckiest this year and forecasted to prosper. Those born in the year of the dragon hoping to counter the bad luck that “ben ming nian” brings can opt for wearing something red all year, think red bracelet, red hair tie, or red underwear. 

No matter what zodiac you are, the divine energy of the dragon will surely bring power, strength, good luck, and wisdom upon this Lunar New Year.

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