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Video game addiction may be real in the Asian community

Ryan Fan knows a bit about video game playing.

He says he played as much as eight to 12 hours a day and his brother did the same. The two would do their best to hide their activity from their parents.

His younger cousin may have had it worse, playing as much as 14-16 hours a day during the summer.

Are Asians more prone to video game addiction than others? Fan thinks so and an article he wrote about his own addiction appeared in the Good Men Project and other publications.

Very little research has been done about this, but Fan cites a 2023 study by Qian Li and James Whelan in the Journal of Gambling Studies that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are less likely to seek help for addiction and are more prone to behavioral addiction.

Lacking more research on Asian Americans, some have pointed to rising concern among Asian countries.

China went to the seemingly extreme by limiting the amount of video game playing for children to three hours a week.

In Japan, a 2019 survey found that more than 18 percent of people ages 10 to 29 play more than three hours a day. Most of that playing occurred on a smart phone- 80.7% and home video counsels, 48.3%.

A 2021 study from Towson University revealed that roughly 3 million Americans suffer from gaming addiction.

Gaming addiction is not officially recognized in the medical community in the United States, but Fan points out that the World Health Organization agreed to add gaming addiction to its list of disorders. That’s largely due to pressures from Southeast Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

“There was something I realized in the worst days of my video game addiction, as well. We would often ask other people in the chat, “are you azn?” — and the vast majority of people would say yes. Azn is shorthand for Asian,” wrote Ryan.

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