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Defendant admits raping and killing of American tourists

A stunning admission in a German courtroom in the murder of an American tourist and rape of her companion while on a hike to Cinderella’s castle.

CBS News reports Troy Phillip Bohling confessed on the first day of his trial to the murder of fellow Americans, 21-year-old Eva Liu and 22-year-old Kelsey Chang this past June.

The pair had been hiking in Bavaria to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria
Neuschwanstein castle via Wikipedia Creative Commons

“The accused committed the incomprehensible act,” defense lawyer Philip Mueller said on behalf of his client, according to the BBC. Mueller called Bohling
“deeply ashamed.”

Bohling met his victims while also on the hike and befriended the two, offering to take them to a scenic viewpoint. Once in an isolated area, he shoved Liu to the ground, raping and strangling her. Chang tried to intervene but he pushed her down a ravine where she managed to call emergency personnel for help.

Liu would later die in the hospital while Chang would survive her injuries.

The Telegraph reports Bohling only spoke in court long enough to confirm what his attorney had said about his actions.

His lawyer described Bohling’s actions as spontaneous and not premeditated.

He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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  1. I’m Asian and I’ve never witnessed any hate towards me, except this time at a grocery store, these women asked me, “aren’t you hot with all that hair”, while laughing, since random guy responded with, at least it’s real. I just turned to him and smiled.

  2. Every country should adopt the death penalty, it’s the only way we will get a handle on violent crime
    I have no respect for these people ( and i use the word people because I don’t want to be banned). They are lower than whale dung and that is at the bottom of the ocean!!!


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