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Woman tells Asian dog walker to ‘Go back to China’ in viral Tiktok


A woman was captured on video telling an Asian professional dog walker to “Go back to China.” The video now has over six million views on TikTok.

The video was captured and posted by a TikTok user named Cindy, who was walking a dog for her client when she encountered the blonde woman and her dog. The woman’s dog was not on a leash.

Cindy asked the woman to put her dog on a leash so they could avoid a potential altercation between their two dogs.

“There is actually a California leash law. Let me educate you,” Cindy says in the video.

The woman interrupts her and says, “Let me educate you. Go back to China.”

The woman also tells Cindy while filming she will be posting her own video to TikTok.


It took me some time to decide whether I should share this video on social media because I could potentially lose a client, but I believe this kind of behavior should not be tolerated. Context: I’m a dog walker, and I walk a 65lb German Shepherd every day during lunch. On February 7, as we were finishing our walk, there was a lady with her small unleashed dog standing near the apartment entrance. To avoid any potential incidents, I asked the lady from a distance if she could leash her dog for a moment until we got inside the apartment. She refused and told me she had been living on the block forever and that I should not tell her what to do. She insisted that dogs shouldn’t be leashed. Seeing her irrational behavior, I decided not to engage further and quickly brought the German Shepherd back inside. The video captures the incident that occurred yesterday, February 24. As I walked the German Shepherd, she approached with her camera and was harassing me. I began recording as well, and she started making racist comments, telling me to “Go back to China” and mocking the Chinese language. She then proceeded to rally her neighbors and fabricate lies about things I had supposedly said. She continued to harass me down the block. A police car happened to drive by; feeling unsafe, I waved down the police car and asked for help. I filed a police report about the incident, and she also told the police she wanted to file a report. She made up lies to the police, claiming that I had made racist comments toward her, despite the video evidence showing otherwise. I am Asian, but I am not from China. I am an immigrant, but my family and I have been living in America for more than 20 years. This is our home. It deeply hurts me that there are still people out there making such racist remarks. Despite knowing I was recording, the lady still had the audacity to make the hateful speech. It really makes me feel unsafe. I have rewatched this video over and over again. And I am still stunned and find it hard to believe that such blatant and appalling racism occurred in today’s world. #hatespeech#racism#dog#losangeles#antiracism #leash#animal#asian#hate#discrimination #karen

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“It took me some time to decide whether I should share this video on social media because I could potentially lose a client, but I believe this kind of behavior should not be tolerated,” Cindy said in the caption of her Tiktok video.

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