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Displaced Maui fire victims given ultimatum

The state released a new plan Friday designed to speed up the placement of Maui fire victims to permanent housing.

However, Hawaii Public Radio reports if the families decline to accept any of the options offered, they are being given eight days to move out.

Households eligible for FEMA aid will get four options for accepting a housing plan that will provide housing for another 12-18 months. Those ineligible for aid will get two chances.

About 1400 households are still living in hotels at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the state.

Last month, a coalition of non-profit and government partners came up with a $500 million dollar plan to provide interim housing.

Since then the number of households living in hotels has declined by 1,000 households as more have moved into housing with longtime leases funded by FEMA.

Some families have declined the offer because the homes would not accept pets or it was located too far from work and school. Some have also cited accessibility issues.

“Being in a shelter for a long period of time is not healthy for these families,” said Darrick Ching of Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency. “They need to regain their resilience and their sense of normalcy. So I think just to emphasize that point this is for every family’s well-being, as well as for the state and being fiscally responsible.”

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  1. If there were a house fire anywhere else in the state today would the family be put up in an all expense free hotel or house? Would they receive free assistance? No. The question would be asked “Why did you not have fire insurance”?

    • They get insurance but the insurance companies is also a racket. There is no way they keep up with inflation to fix or replace your home if burn down. They keep on receiving the premium monies and no keep up with the value of replacement and people believe the insurance companies looking after the clients but actually they no stay home and they No worries. Same way with car insurance. Every year inflation hurts them especially in times of disasters. Good luck to the victims. Mahalo’s for reading my comments.

  2. What bothers me is, why aren’t they able to go to their properties? Like the previous commenter said, if they had a house fire somewhere else, they would be able to go in and clean up their property. Then they can start to rebuild. That will bring the community together. But the state don’t want that so they can take the properties and build a 15 min city.

    • As true but very little critical thinking out there and listen to only the bosses who controlling the victims like throw away local slaves. As you notice, more attention are given to millions of illegal aliens that are given FREE AID of our taxpayers monies. Our current government are donating billions of monies to overseas too, places of corruption and only because war is a money making venture and places to launder monies. Hawaii as become the epitome of hideaway places for the elites and soon no no places for da locals in 20 years or less. Mahalo’s

    • I’ve been saying that from the beginning. Maui is getting portable housing containers. People who have property should be able to put the containers on their property so they can physically be there while the town rebuilds. And it’s a great way for them to emotionally rebuild as well. They’ll also be in their own community to so they can be present and have input on how their community is rebuilt


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