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Groom responds after controversial wedding video

A groom has been under fire from the internet for a viral video of him spraying his bride with a bottle of champagne at their wedding, much to their guest’s disdain.

The groom, Cole Hennessy, posted the video on his TikTok earlier this week of him spraying the bottle on his bride, Kristal Kim, during their wedding reception. The Houston couple were staying at Relais Villa Regina Teodolinda on the coast of Lake Como, Italy, a venue that’s known to cost around $172,000 – $227,000 per weekend.

In the video, Hennessy popped open the large bottle, and began to spray it into the air, before turning and aiming the bottle towards Kim, as people can be heard shouting “No, not her.” While Kim didn’t appear to be angry in the video, she turned around immediately as the champagne spraying began. Hennessy then offered Kim the chance to spray him with champagne back.

Hennessy’s sister, Emma Roys, uploaded the video to her TikTok on Thursday morning, where it garnered one million views before it was removed.

“He watched her spend months stressing out to find her dream dress, hair, makeup, cake, etc. and STILL did it”, commented one user under a repost of the video. Another angered user said “our honeymoon would be at the courthouse”.

The video was also reposted to Twitter/X, where it garnered even more reactions from internet users.

“She knows who she married lol”, commented one person, while another said “The location is top tier. However, if my husband decided to give me a champagne shower on my wedding day, he’d be in that lake.”

Other people had a different opinion. One person commented, “Y’all care way too much about strangers’ relationships and then follow it up by projecting on social media lmfao.”

It’s exactly unclear how long the couple has been together, but Kim appeared in a photo on Hennessy’s Instagram in 2016.

Regardless, the couple appears to be all smiles. Hennessy laughed off the incident on his Instagram story, saying “Day one of honeymoon: I’m getting cancelled on the internet for having fun w my wife.”

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