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‘Bad Breath Rapist’ arrested after 16 years on the run

A convicted rapist, named the ‘Bad Breath Rapist’ by the media, has been caught more than 16 years after he fled from Massachusetts, according to authorities, ABC News reports.

Police arrested Tuen Kit Lee in Danville, California on Tuesday. A jury convicted him of breaking into the house of a coworker from his family’s restaurant in Quincy, Mass., on Feb. 2, 2005, and raping her at knifepoint. Hours later, she was later found by her boyfriend zip-tied to a bed in her home.

Lee would be identified by DNA evidence, and his “horrible breath”, leading to the name ‘Bad Breath Rapist’ by media outlets.

Lee fled Massachusetts after testifying, right before closing arguments were to be scheduled. The jury convicted him on all charges in absentia of rape and kidnapping in 2007. Lee had posted $100,000 bail and was not held in custody during his trial.

“He has been found guilty,” his former defense attorney Philip Tracy told USA Today. “The thoughts of appeal are long gone because he took off. We would argue for a humane sentence under the circumstances. Check his mental health.” 

Authorities searched for Lee for years, with the case being publicized on America’s Most Wanted. Multiple media campaigns were run by Massachusetts state police, and even offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest last year.

However, new information in 2024 zeroed the case on a multi-million dollar home in Diablo, California, according to a statement by the Massachusetts State Police.

On Tuesday, police watched Lee and another woman leave that home, and Danville cops conducted a traffic stop. When confronted by police, Lee initially gave them a fake name, but confessed his true identity after being pressed, which was later confirmed by fingerprints. “His female companion, after 15 years of being together in California, never knew who he really was.”, said state police.

“There are violent offenders out there who believe they can commit crimes and not be held accountable for their actions”, said Chief Inspector Sean LoPiccolo in a statement. “Tuen Lee was on the run for more than 16 years and the unwavering dedication by law enforcement to locate and arrest him hopefully brings peace of mind to the victim and her family”.

Lee was transported to Danville PD for booking and will be held there until his extradition to Massachusetts.

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