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Biden campaign to unveil new AANHPI ads on health care

By Randall Yip, Executive Editor

AsAmNews has learned the Biden-Harris campaign plans to unveil two ads today featuring testimonials from Asian Americans about the fear of losing Obamacare under Donald Trump.

In one spot, a breast cancer survivor named Margie says the former president “scares me. He said he wants to terminate health care protections for people with preexisting conditions.”

In the other ad, Matthew, a young man with asthma warns that Trumps “wants to eliminate health care for millions of young people like me by kicking us off our family’s health care plan.”

Trump in 2016 and again last year has repeatedly said he wants to eliminate Obamacare. However, in March of this year he released a statement on Truth Social that he’s “not running to terminate the ACA, as crooked Joe Biden disinformates and misinformates all the time.”

He said he planned to make the law “much better, stronger and far less expensive.”

The Biden camp has refused to give Trump’s statement any credibility, dismissing it as spin.

Some voters have stated they want Biden to state why he should get their vote and not why they should vote against Trump.

The Biden campaign argues that’s exactly what they’re doing. They say 1.3 million more Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders would be uninsured if the Affordable Care Act were eliminated.

“Basically, what we want to do is to highlight what is a stake for these communities if Donald Trump gets reelected. He’s been saying time after time that he’s going, you know, eliminate Obamacare,” said a high-level campaign official who spoke only on the condition she is not named.

She denied the new commercials are part of a scare campaign.

“We are talking about the issues that matter to the communities, specifically, like health care and small business. Biden has appointed, like, more AAPI, you know, judges than anyone. Giving a voice to the community and how powerful is that to show everyone that they are part of this country.”

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The ads are part of a six figure buy on many


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