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Slightly More Religious Diversity: Hindus and Buddhists in Congress

posted by Cathy Sun
Raja Krishnamoorthi

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) and his wife Priya, a doctor, and their children Vijay and Vikram

A report by the Pew Research Center has found Congress is more Christian than the general public, despite a slight rise in Hindus, Buddists and Muslims.

Hindu representation tripled in the 115th Congress as two new Hindus recently joined … Read more


Blog: A Buddhist’ Experience with Ramadan

posted by Mandy Day

QuranBy Mandy Day
AsAmNews Staff Writer

The holy month of Ramadan ends Tuesday, concluding a month of sunrise to sunset fasting by Muslims around the world. Over the past three years, I’ve participated in the fast for one day in a quest to better understand Islam and the people who adhere to the world’s second … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Asian American Survivor Contestant Wins with Fans

posted by Randall

Tai Trang

Tai Trang with Survivor host Jeff Probst

By Ed Diokno
As a fan of Survivor, I was rooting for Vietnamese American contestant Tai Trang to win the million dollar prize of the reality show. He made it to the final three but failed to win a single vote from the jury of deposed contestants.… Read more


Young Asian American Memories of Christmas

posted by ShirleyNLew

Christmas NBC

By Shirley N Lew

When I was young, I lived in Chinatown, in a turn of the century walk-up tenement. I had no chimney for Santa Claus to climb down from which meant he’d have to possess Spider-Man like powers to climb onto the building and probably come through my window. It would not be … Read more

Community Issues

The Denver Vandals Target Buddhist Center

posted by Ariel Neidermeier

Denver Meditation CenterVandals targeted a meditation center in Denver last Thursday night. reports that vandals broke large slabs of brick and stole a 60-pound lion statue that had been at the center for generations.

According to Steven Roussel, a student and resident of the Kadampa Meditation Center, this crime does not just hurt the Buddhist … Read more


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