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Critics Lambast Trump’s New Muslim Ban

posted by Randall
Muslim ban protest at SFO

When the first Muslim Ban executive order was first implemented in January, protests like the one above at San Francisco International Airport, broke out across the country.

By Ed Diokno
Views from the Edge

No matter how you try to couch it, yesterday’s “new” Executive Order restricting travel from six Muslim-dominated countries is still a … Read more


A Softer, ‘Presidential’ Tone Doesn’t Change Trump’s Policies, Say AAPI Critics & Doubters

posted by Randall
Rep Judy Chu Reacts to Presidential Address

Rep. Judy Chu, right, expresses her displeasure of President Trump’s comments.

By Ed Diokno
Views from the Edge


Sorry, Trump fans. Just because Donald Trump proved he could read a teleprompter and he could speak with an “indoor voice,” as one pundit described Trump’s performance at the Joint Session of Congress, does not make

Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Four Asian American Congressional Reps will Boycott Trump’s Inauguration

posted by Louis Chan
Ted Lieu and Mark Takano

Congressmen Ted Lieu and Mark Takano will not attend the inauguration of the 45th President of the U.S.

By Ed Diokno & Louis Chan

On the eve of the Martin Luther King holiday, four Asian American congressmen are joining at least 14 other members of Congress who according to Fusion will not be attending Donald … Read more


Blog: AAPI Lawmakers Will Be in a Familiar Spot – in the Minority

posted by Randall
Rep Tammy Duckworth

Senator-Elect Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)

By Ed Diokno

With 18 House Representatives and U.S. Senators, including two non-voting members from the  territories of America Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands, the 115th Congress will have the most Asian American and Pacific Islander members ever. From the day they officially sit in their Capitol offices, they will face … Read more

Indian American/ South Asian American

More Fallout from Trump Surrogate’s Push for Muslim Registry

posted by Randall
Civil Liberties Act of 1988

Ronald Reagan signing the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 that apologized for the internment of Japanese citizens and permanent residents during World War II.

By Ed Diokno

I thought we all agreed that the internment camps that placed thousands of Japanese Americans behind barbed wire was a mistake and illegal.

I distinctly remember President Ronald … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Record Number of Asian American Pacific Islanders Elected to Congress

posted by Louis Chan
Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy became the first Vietnamese American woman elected to Congress

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

As AsAmNews predicted, voters elected a record number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to Congress Tuesday.

15 AAPI voting members of Congress were elected, surpassing by 2 the previous record.

Those elected include California Attorney General … Read more

Asian Americans

Blog: Asian Americans Cannot Remain Silent

posted by Mandy Day
Black Lives Matter

Asian Americans join others during Black Lives Matter Protest

By Mandy Day
AsAmNews Staff Writer
There has always been an ethnic hierarchy in the western world.  The very system that rules the land in the United States existed to protect Whites when it was originally created. While the Bill of Rights was written in … Read more


Blog: Lessons Learned from WWII Incarceration Camps Mean Nothing to Roanoke Mayor

posted by Mandy Day

Syrian Refugees

By Mandy Day

Roanoke mayor David Bowers has released a statement advising all Roanoke Valley governments to refuse assistance to Syrian refugees resettling in “our part of Virginia” until the threat of terrorism is eliminated.  The Democratic leader for Roanoke justified his position by referring to Executive Order 9066, the policy that incarcerated 120,000 Americans … Read more

Community Issues

CNN: Japanese American Lawmakers Call Rand Paul’s Remarks Insulting

posted by Randall

Mark TakanoSen Rand Paul’s (R-KY) remark comparing the executive order on immigration with the executive order incarcerating Japanese Americans is “insulting” and “misguided” said Japanese American lawmakers in Congress.

CNN reports that Rand’s comments drew an immediate rebuke from both Rep Mike Honda (D-CA) and Rep Mark Takano (D-CA) (pictured).

“Rand Paul’s comments could not be … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

11 Asian Americans to Serve in Next Congress

posted by Randall

Ted Lieu & FamilyEleven Asian Americans will serve in the next Congress beginning in 2015, the same as this year’s record number.

The new names  are California State Senator Ted Lieu (pictured with family) who easily defeated Republican Elan Carr 58 – 42 percent and State Senator Mark Takei of Hawaii who won 52 -48 percent over Charles … Read more


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