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Asian Americans

Asian Americans with Some College Most Likely to Intermarry

posted by Randall
Interracial Marriage

photo by Anthony Van Dyck

A new study released by the Pew Research Center has found Asian Americans with some college education are the most likely to marry someone from another race.

The results quantify what many in the community know about mixed marriages.

Among all ethnic groups, Asian Americans are the most likely to … Read more

Chinese American

Dec 2, 2016 Ξ Comments Off on Next Shark: Interracial Marriage among Chinese Americans Drops

Next Shark: Interracial Marriage among Chinese Americans Drops

posted by Randall

WeddingThe percent of interracial marriages in the Chinese American community is on the decline, reports Next Shark.

Information from the 2012 census data finds that between 2008 -2010, mixed marriages in that community dropped by almost 10 percent.

An increase in Chinese immigration is partly the reason. Other factors may be cultural.

Tian Li, … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Jun 10, 2016 Ξ Comments Off on LA Times: New Push for Holiday to Honor Multiracial People

LA Times: New Push for Holiday to Honor Multiracial People

posted by Randall
Loving Day

Loving Day celebration in Wilmington, DE.

A hapa from New York is leading the charge for a holiday to mark the day the ban on mixed marriages was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, reports the Los Angeles Times.

49 years ago this Sunday, the Supreme Court ruled on Loving vs. Virginia which struck … Read more


Hapas Soon to Be the Majority in the Japanese American Community

posted by Randall

Visible Invisible Hapa

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

The future is now in the Japanese American community.

By 2020, just four years away, demographers says the majority of Japanese Americans will be multiracial/multiethnic.

A new exhibition now at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose in California runs through the end of the year. It is curated … Read more


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