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Asian Americans

No Happy Ending to Racist Song

posted by Randall

Happy Ending

It’s the open secret behind the doors of too many massage parlors.

Happy endings have become synonymous with sex.

Too often its connected to sex trafficking-women lured to America with the promise of a better life, only to be trapped into a life of sexual servitude at a massage parlor while they pay off the … Read more

Community Issues

Stockton’s Little Manila Center Target of Vandalism in Possible Hate Crime

posted by Sarah Jackson

Vandalism discovered at Little Manila center, a historical site in Stockton, California dedicated to the appreciation of Filipino culture, is being investigated as a hate crime.

According to, “Five of six donated vinyl banners that had been on the windows for the last three years were either ripped off or damaged. … Read more

Chinese American

Mayor Backs Dr. Seuss Mural Depicting Asian Stereotypes

posted by Randall

Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

From: Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

The mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts; the home of The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum, is asking that the museum leave a mural critics blast as containing Asian stereotypes.
AsAmNews reported last week the museum would remove the Dr. Seuss mural and cancel a book festival … Read more


Protest from Pacific Islanders Forces End to Moana Sketch

posted by Randall

Moana and MauiA comedy troupe made up of students from Brigham Young University has decided not to go ahead with a sketch that parodied the Disney movie Moana following a protest from Pacific Islanders, reports the  Salt Lake Tribune.

The skit combined music from the movie with elements from a film from the Mormon church about a … Read more

Chinese American

Dr. Seuss Mural to be Removed after being Blasted for “Jarring Racial Stereotype” of Asian Man

posted by Randall
Dr. Seuss

By Jenny Ciotti via Flickr Creative Commons

Three authors announced they would boycott a since cancelled children’s book festival because of a mural by Dr. Seuss which they say depicts Asian stereotypes.


The Boston Globe reports their protest has prompted The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts to remove the mural … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

New TV season opens up opportunities for AAPI actors, but there’s still a scarcity of roles

posted by Randall
Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung

By Ed Diokno
Views from the Edge

It’s that time of year, a new television season is upon us which launches the annual search for Asians on TV.


The last two years have been kind of a Golden Age for AAPI television history: five network shows with Asian American leads and three … Read more

East Asian American

Twitter Responds To A Racist Tweet By The San Jose Giants

posted by Tanvi Wattal



The San Jose Giants, already gloomy after a sub-par season, have more bad news.

Japanese Heritage Night in San Jose, CA started off as good publicity for the Giants. However, a failed attempt at humor from their public relations team put them in a bad light.

Three members of the team were recorded … Read more


This is America. She is America. We ARE America

posted by Louis Chan

Nydia HanBy Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

This is America.
Those words have different meaning when used in different contexts.
By itself, its an affirmation in our pride of being called American.
Used in another context, it can also be considered racist.
That’s what Nydia Han, a longtime reporter at ABC6 … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Ally Maki gets ‘Wrecked’

posted by Brittney Le
Ally Maki

Photo by Bobby Quillard

By Brittney Le
AsAmNews Correspondent

Asian American women in the acting industry are continuing to fight for the spotlight that has long been turned away from them in mainstream media. One name that’s becoming bigger and bigger as she keeps snagging original, empowering roles is Ally Maki.

Maki’s latest big role … Read more


Jul 20, 2017 Ξ Comments Off on Dumb Blonde Steps into It Again-And She Doesn’t Care

Dumb Blonde Steps into It Again-And She Doesn’t Care

posted by Louis Chan

Jennifer Murphy
By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent


In the entertainment industry, some believe bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.
When you have nothing going for you, often times that’s the strategy b-stars often rely on to boost their careers.
Former Apprentice contestant and Miss Oregon Jennifer Murphy apparently believes … Read more


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