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Wall of Fame — 2024


AsAmNews is proud to announce this year’s inductees into the AsAmNews Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame.

Each of these readers is being recognized for their tax-deductible donations to subsidize the addition of a new reporter in July 2024, to expand our offerings as well as to maintain our current positions.

Your donations can be made via Paypal, debit or credit card through this link.

Those who prefer may mail a check made out to Asian American Media Inc, the 501 (c) (3) that publishes AsAmNews, to our mailing address at 440 N. Barranca Avenue #8117, Covina, CA 91723

Asian American Media Inc, the non-profit that publishes AsAmNews 365 days a year, has been approved by the IRS as a 501c3. That means your donations are now tax deductible.

Contributions through this link are being accepted.

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Gold Members

$100,000 or more

  • California State Library Stop the Hate Project

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Silver Members

$50,000 or more

  • California Local News Fellowship, UC Berkeley
  • California Public Library Civil Liberties Project
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Premier Super Elite Members

$10,000 or more

  • AARP
  • Jeff & Brenda Kang 
  • Report for America, The GroundTruth Project
  • Takahashi Family Foundation
  • The Asian American Foundation
  • USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism Ethnic Media Health Reporting Collaborative 

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Premier Elite Members
$5,000 or more

  • Dave Liu & Lauren Wu 
  • Deb & David Liu 
  • USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism Impact Fund for Reporting on Health Equity and Health Systems
  • Randall & Gale Yip

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Elite Members
$1,000 or more

  • Daisy Chan
  • Steve & Terri Chan
  • Samantha Cheng
  • Jeffrey Hsi
  • Lam Consulting Group 
  • Nelson & Tina Lam
  • Paul & Wendy Leung
  • Dickson Louie 
  • Sylvia & David Omoto Giving Fund

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Super Premier Members
$500 or more

  • Daisy Chan
  • Ravi Chandra
  • Linh Hoang
  • Stephanie Hoo
  • Vanita Louie
  • Germaine Wong

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Premier Members
$100 – $499 

  • Glenn Asakawa
  • Asian American Podcasters Association
  • Nikki Brown-Ly
  • George Chew
  • Jane Chin
  • Rowena Chow
  • Lisa Chung
  • Cheryl & Daniel Dulas
  • George Hirose
  • Alvin Ho
  • Ken Kashiwahara
  • Keith Kojimoto
  • Theodore Lai
  • Chester Lee
  • Edwin Lee
  • Nancy Lin 
  • Yvonne Liu
  • Randall Lowe 
  • Lowedown Productions, Felicia Lowe
  • Paula Madison/Madison Media Management
  • Beverly Mastropolo
  • Consuelo Mercer
  • Dale Minami & Sandra Ai Mori
  • Henry Moy
  • Peter Quinto
  • Kazuya Sato
  • David Sunagawa
  • Steven Tamanaha
  • Lydia Tanji
  • Virginia Tong 
  • Gerard Wen
  • Joseph Woo
  • Allen Yang
  • Nancy Lim Yee 
  • Julie Yip 
  • Candice & Steven Yokomizo
  • Linda Young
  • Melmie Young
  • Anna Zara

Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame Supreme Members
$45 – $99




  • Wendy Booth 
  • Helen Chin Schlichte 
  • Ching Cahill
  • Serena Chen
  • Lillian Chow
  • Andrew Eng
  • Bailey Franzen
  • Susan Hasagawa 
  • Jacqueline Huey
  • Guatlian Kreamer
  • Bonnie Kwong
  • Chiu-Man Lee
  • Jeanine Lee
  • Terry Lee 
  • Diana Leong
  • Veronica Li
  • Pei-te Lien
  • Pauline Liu 
  • Pey Lore
  • Daniel Mayeda
  • David Monkawa
  • Joyce Nakamura
  • Michelle Okayama
  • Sylvia Omoto
  • Dat Pham
  • Pivot Fund
  • Erica Rualo
  • Gary Szelc
  • Wyman Tom 
  • Elaine Watson 
  • Sau-ling Wong
  • Sabrina Wu
  • Ann Yamada
  • Chungkai Yang
  • Barbara Yau
  • Virginia Yee
  • Vitallia Inc


Bad Ass Asian Wall of Fame
$20 – $44

  • Andrew Ching
  • David Eng
  • Ethnotec
  • Florence Eng
  • Wesley Hagood
  • Alvin Ho
  • Chiu-Man Lee
  • Bleux Lee
  • Mary Morris
  • Trung Nguyen
  • Crystal Papasan
  • Ah Vang
  • Michael Wong
  • Donna Young
  • Vicki Young

Questions can be directed to info at asamnews dot com

AsAmNews is incorporated in the state of California as Asian American Media, Inc, a non-profit with 501c3 status. We are currently funded by our readers and the California Library Commission’s Stop The Hate program under the State Dept of Social Services. See their funded resources for direct, prevention and intervention services here. Find additional content on Instagram , Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook. Please consider interning, joining our staff, or submitting a story, or making a tax-deductible donation.

Don't Be Fooled by Gift Card Scams