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Boston Woman Harasses Passing Motorists

Sign Lady1

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

An Asian American woman near Boston had to look twice, apparently stunned by the ignorance of a passing driver.

Ryl Lei looked over to her right and saw a woman holding up a sign that read “show me your green card.”

It was the perpetual foreigner stereotype personified. I mean why else would you assume someone had a green card? Why else would you even ask for one?

The woman didn’t stop there. She flashed several other signs as well. There were so many Ryl said she wasn’t fast enough to capture all of them in a photo.

One read “homosexuality is a sin.”

Sign Lady
And just in case Ryl couldn’t figure out the woman’s political affiliation, she held another one that said “Democrats jackass party.”

Sign Lady

Can she spell “make America great again?”

Ryl wrote on Facebook, “I NEVER in my life thought i would encounter someone like this. I’m not naive and clearly know “they” exist.. but I never thought while sitting at a stop light enjoying the fact it’s the end of the week….I’d turn my head and see the ignorance IN MY FACE… LITERALLY WITH PURE INTENT!! I almost lost myself and followed her… but because my son and his friend was in the back seat I had to educate them about what type of society we actually live in despite what I try to protect him from.”

This isn’t the first time this woman has done this.

AsAmNews found a brief news item from 2016 published by Universal Hub.

The article included a photo of what appears to be the very same sign or at least one very similar that reads “show me your green card.”

The woman she flashed the sign to said “Maybe she saw my dark hair and laborer clothing and made an assumption . She was also pulling up next to pick up trucks and such on highway and shaking her sign at them . There was no action I could take on the highway – and frankly, she scared me as you can’t be right in the head to incite such bigotry . So I snapped her photo while sitting in traffic but I couldn’t get her plate!!”

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