Intern/Write for AsAmNews

AsAmNews seeks interns year round. All interns will be supervised by a veteran journalist. We are in need of reporters, photographers, videographers, graphic artists, social media producers and marketing specialists.

Reporting interns will gain valuable experience writing news stories and selecting stories featured on AsAmNews. You’ll work with a long time professional journalist and receive constant feedback on your work.

Photographers will have the opportunity to produce photo essays and to work with reporters to capture images to enhance their stories.

Videographers will be given the opportunity to shoot, produce and edit video stories.

Graphic artists will be given various assignments to enhance both our stories and marketing efforts.

Social media producers will support our efforts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will have the opportunity to produce multi-media projects.

Marketers will have the opportunity to generate ideas for various campaigns to enhance our visibility and image in the community.

You will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

All internships are unpaid.

Students must either get college credit for the internship or have a faculty member willing to be available to answer their questions or offer advice. Scholarships are available to eligible students who would face a financial burden by accepting an unpaid internship.

Communication with your editor will be by Skype, FaceTime, over the phone or  email.

Inquiries can be sent to jobs (at) asamnews (dot) com. To apply, simply send your resume, writing samples and cover letter to the same email address.

Here’s what past interns have said about their experience:

“My experience at AsAmNews has been very valuable. Through this internship, I became comfortable with completing a thorough news write up in a quick time frame. When I began to write stories with original reporting, I was able to practice finding and interviewing sources, often within one day. Constant feedback from the editor helped me refine my writing and news judgment. Along the way, I also gained a sense of what types of headlines and copy perform better on social media. “AsAmNews’s content reflects the diversity of Asian America’s interests. During my time with the site, I had the opportunity to interview social workers, activists and authors. I wrote about topics from new music videos to protests of ICE detention centers. Overall, this internship would be a great fit for those looking to sharpen their foundational journalism skills and produce published clips.”  — Jennifer Zhan Medill School of Journalism Northwestern University 2022

“Interning for AsAmNews was a great educational experience. I learned how to work in social media for a news organization, which was very rewarding to see the growth on Instagram during my internship and that my work was paying off. Randall was also helpful in making sure all my work was the best it could be before being published.”

 —Sydney Walsh  George Washington University 2022

AsAm News gave me the opportunity to do a variety of news stories — entertainment, current events, politics, and more — along with multiple chances to expand my repertoire, such as managing social media. As someone who doesn’t like to be confined to one subject all the time, I especially appreciated this aspect. The feedback was always consistent and helpful, and I was able to write a lot of original stories throughout my internship. Randall in particular was very helpful, polite, and considerate of my schedule and the skill set I brought to AsAm News — and he’s always looking for ideas to improve the site. I can definitely say my experience at AsAm was a positive one!  

—Amy-Xiaoshi DePaola, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State University 

Join the staff of AsAmNews

If you are interested in volunteering and contributing to AsAmNews as a writer, social media specialist or editor, please send inquiries to randall (at) asamnews (dot) com.

We are willing to accommodate both your schedule and interests. Those with less time and can’t commit to being a regular contributor are welcomed to submit guest submissions and ideas.

Here’s what staff writers for AsAmNews are saying:

“I’m proud to say I’ve been writing for AsAmNews for more than two years. I’m even prouder to say AsAmNews is what gave me my first introduction into news writing. Through their hands-on approach, you learn the craft of what makes a story and how it should be written. “I can honestly say I’ve grown as a writer based on the constructive feedback I received in each story I’ve written. Furthermore, even though it’s an all-volunteer digital newspaper, everyone involved is dedicated. And that’s because when you write for AsAmNews, you are representing all of Asian America so it really makes an impact when you’re working with a team that helps you find your voice and strengthen it. That’s why I’m grateful for our Editor-In-Chief, Randall and AsAmNews. If you have a story to tell, let AsamNews be the ones to help you be heard.”

-Ahmed Sharma San Antonio

“I began writing for AsAmNews after graduating from college. It was my first experience writing for a publication outside of a school newspaper. As an intern, I searched for, selected, and rewrote news stories that I felt were most pertinent to Asian Americans. I eventually became a staff writer, and my responsibilities shifted to interviewing and writing original stories. I was granted the opportunity to speak with talented and inspiring figures such as the first Chinese American Congresswoman Judy Chu, world champion pistol shooter Vera Koo, and Hollywood jeweler Peggy Li. I also journaled about my personal journey returning to China, where I searched for my birth family. “After contributing to AsAmNews for several years, I became an editor, which helped to improve my fact checking and copywriting skills. I also developed a keener eye for selecting relevant stories and a better ability to communicate feedback. Thank you to Randall, AsAmNews, and the other interns and staff for supporting my journey as a writer and for maintaining this essential collection of Asian American stories, history, and culture.” -Olivia Wolf

 “As a contributor to AsAmNews, I’ve been recognized as being a vital part of the Asian community, especially in my hometown of Manhattan’s Chinatown. Recognizing that AsAmNews has been a source of news for many, the residents and those that work there are passionate about sharing their stories and issues. Many have reached out for press coverage. I am also happy to say I’ve build a small fan base from my writing. As I continue to contribute to AsAmNews, I am strengthening my skills to be a strong writer, video journalist.  I am grateful for opportunity to contribute as an inspiring journalist.”

 —Shirley Lew AsAmNews New York Correspondent

“The editor is one of the most helpful coaches and mentors I have come across. I wanted to make the transition to journalism after spending many years in banking. He believed in my potential and helped me grow with increasingly challenging assignments. We also worked together closely to develop my voice to write things people want to read. “He encourages you and challenges you in equal measures to make you the best writer that you can possibly be. The highlight of working with him was conducting an interview with the Asian American leader Kiran Ahuja. I can’t thank him enough.”  —Aswin Mannepalli Staff Writer

“Writing for AsAmNews about college admissions is a reflection of my values coming to life from the inside out. This is not a hobby, but rather an opportunity to serve. Whether it is a family going through college search experience for the first time, a counselor on the other side of the desk looking for insight on how to work with the APIA community, or a colleague seeking a broader perspective on Admissions; AsAmNews is a platform for sharing knowledge and promoting dialogue. It is the spirit of collaboration I appreciate the most of being part of this tremendous network of mavens, difference makers, and change agents.”

—Patrick Lorenzo Contributor

“I started writing for AsAmNews in 2014 when a group of people I was working with advocated for the public take down of a “pick up artist” who promoted the assault of Japanese women. Once the campaign died down, I was asked to stay on and cover events in San Diego and Los Angeles. I have been honored to write about Asian American topics from sports to politics, profile Asian American political leaders, and attend events throughout Southern California. I’ve written about the explosion of Korean Pop Culture in the United States and mingled with Hollywood celebrities at KCON and San Diego’s Asian Film Festival. I’ve been on conference calls with members of Congress regarding immigration policies and covered a variety of policy issues for the site. Writing for the site has given me an incredible opportunity to network with dozens of people from a variety of fields. The site grants the writer tremendous creative license to explore topics of interest and provides editorial opportunities”

—Mandy Day Staff Writer Story Tips/Write for AsAmNews

AsAmNews is a community of users interested in reading, learning and commenting on news, events, people & issues about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. If you have a story tip or link you’d like to share, please e-mail to randall (at) asamnews (dot) com or contact via twitter @asamnews.

If you have a story you wrote you’d like to submit, again email us at the aforementioned address. The author must guarantee that the content of the blog or news story is their original work and free of any copyright or other legal restrictions. AsAmNews reserves the right to edit any copy for length or content.