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Most Sikh Americans reject pro-Khalistan violence, Rep. Krishnamoorthi says

US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) has spoken out against recent violence associated with the Khalistan movement in a conversation with the New Indian, saying that the vast majority of Sikh Americans reject such violence.

Krishnamoorthi had already gained notice for his condemnation of a recent arson attack on the Indian consulate in San Francisco.

The Khalistan movement aims to establish an independent state for Sikhs in Punjab, a region split between India and Pakistan, under the name Khalistan. Recently, it has had a resurgence on social media.

Rohan Dua, the executive editor of The New Indian, mentioned the pro-Khalistan violence while interviewing Rep. Krishnamoorthi. Dua claimed the attacks were “not very few and far between,” mentioning the attack in San Francisco and in one in the United Kingdom. He asked the congressman if he saw Khalistan activists as a threat.

“I think they speak for a very tiny minority of people. I think the vast majority of Indian Americans or Sikh Americans or what have you would never stand for the violence and the aggression, that these folks have called for,” Rep. Krishnamoorthi replied.

The Hindu American congressman especially condemned political aggression and violence, referencing a recent flyer promoting a rally with the phrase “Kill India.”

The flyer Krishnamoorthi was referring to was seen at a rally in Canada. According to the Indian Express, participants in the Canadian rally accuse the Indian government of playing a role in the killing of Khalistani activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on June 18th. He was wanted on terrorism charges in India, but Canada refused to extradite him last year, as per the Hindustan Times.

The BBC reported that police called the shooting a “targeted incident,” a euphemism for assassination, and that it has inflamed political tensions. He is the third prominent Sikh leader to have died unexpectedly in the last few months, with supporters accusing the Indian government of involvement in all three deaths.

Rep. Krishnamoorthi continues to emphasize peaceful solutions.

“We should always remember that, if we have any disagreements, we should resolve them peacefully. Never through force,” Krishnamoorthi said.

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