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White Professionals Are 154% More Likely to Be Executives Compared to Asians, Why?

posted by Randall

Board Room 

The concept of the glass ceiling often refers to the limitation of women in leadership roles, but scholars also often talk of a second constraint in the workplace. It has to do with race.  The “bamboo ceiling” refers to the limited number of Asian Americans in high-ranking, executive positions in the corporate world. According … Read more

Asian Americans

Study Highlights 50 Years of Progress in Employment of Asian Americans

posted by Elizabeth Kim

Asian American executives
A new study has found employment of Asian Americans has steadily increased over the last 50 years.
The report from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is titled American Experiences versus American Expectations and highlights some significant changes to the demographics in the workplace.
The new report, following the groundbreaking 1977 … Read more

Asian Americans

Fast Company: Asian American Glass Ceiling Hiding in Plain Sight

posted by Randall

YahooLost in the discussion about the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, is the glass ceiling holding back Asian Americans, reports Fast Company.

A new report by the non-profit Ascend Foundation found while Asian Americans are well represented in Silicon Valley, few have risen to the ranks of management.

At Yahoo, the workforce is … Read more


Think Progress: Asian American Women Face Additional Barriers in Silicon Valley

posted by Randall

Silicon ValleyThree high profile discrimination cases against three separate companies have been filed by Asian American women in Silicon Valley.

This may not be a coincidence, according to a story in Think Progress.

The latest to file a case is Tina Huang who is seeking class action status in her discrimination case against Twitter. Huang … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Knowledge: Filipino American Woman Breaks Mold for CEOs

posted by Randall

Shiela Lirio MarceloSheila Lirio Marcelo doesn’t look like your typical CEO–an old white male.

She’s petite, Filipino American and one the first woman CEOs to ever take her company public.

Marcelo is CEO and co-founder of and was named by Fortune as one of the ten top women entrepreneurs.

She has her share of stories of … Read more

Asian Americans

Colorlines: Time’s Asian American Whiz Kids II Blasted

posted by Randall

Time Asian American Whiz Kids IITime Magazine got it “sloppily wrong” again with its recent online follow up to its much maligned 1987  Asian American Whiz Kids cover story, according to a blog by Julianne Hing in Colorlines.

The original story has been often cited as exhibit A for those who argue the news media is responsible for … Read more

Asian Americans

Time: Asian Americans Not Part of Diversity Equation

posted by Randall

Time Magazine Asian American Whiz Kids coverAlthough it was not the first to do so, Time’s cover story in 1987 titled The Asian American Whiz Kids is often cited as an example of media coverage perpetuating the model minority myth.

Now 27 years later, Time has updated its story talking to some of the same people it talked to in … Read more

Asian Americans

Do Asian Americans Enjoy White Privilege?

posted by Randall

Interracial Marriage  The model minority stereotype has been an albatross around the Asian American community since the 1960s (photo by Logic Speaks).

The framing of Asian Americans by the media as a minority enjoying phenomenal success has lead some to equate Asian Americans with whites. The most recent examples can be found in numerous stories about … Read more

Community Issues

China Daily: Survey finds barriers remain for Asian Americans to climb the corporate ladder

posted by Randall

Asian Pacific American Corporate SurveyAsian Pacific American Corporate SurveyThe Asia Society this week released its annual Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey and it revealed Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders still face barriers in advancing beyond middle management, reports the China Daily.

50 percent of Asian Americans surveyed say they are not included or unaware of what their companies are doing to grab … Read more


WAMC: Asian American apparently don’t look the part

posted by Randall

board room Do you have a look of a leader (photo by International Hydropower Association)?

Before you answer that, one must ask yourself what a leader looks like.

Or the better question is why are we asking such a question?

Asian Americans make up nearly six percent of the US population, but just 2.6 percent of … Read more


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