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Hindu Americans Object to Portrayal of their Religion in California Textbooks

posted by Randall
Hindu Temple, Dallas, TX

Photo by: Andreas Praefcke – via Wikimedia Commons

By Ed Diokno
Views from the Edge

A Hindu American advocacy group filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court last week against public school officials at the California Department of Education, State Board of Education, and several school districts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


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Bad Ass Asians

First Asian American Bishop Appointed to Lead Utah Diocese

posted by Randall
Bishop Oscar Azarcon Solis

Bishop Oscar Azarcon Solis

By Ed Diokno

A Filipino American immigrant was appointed bishop of a U.S. diocese Tuesday indicating the growing diversity of the Catholic American church.

Pope Francis named Bishop Oscar Asarco Solis, an immigrant from the Philippines, to become the bishop of the Salt Lake City diocese, which has been without a … Read more

Chinese American

Slightly More Religious Diversity: Hindus and Buddhists in Congress

posted by Cathy Sun
Raja Krishnamoorthi

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) and his wife Priya, a doctor, and their children Vijay and Vikram

A report by the Pew Research Center has found Congress is more Christian than the general public, despite a slight rise in Hindus, Buddists and Muslims.

Hindu representation tripled in the 115th Congress as two new Hindus recently joined … Read more

Asian Americans

Washington Post: President Obama Delivers Speech Supporting Muslim Americans at US Mosque

posted by Susan Chang

President Obama

President Obama today made his “better late than never” visit to a US mosque, located at the campus of the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

According to the Washington Post , Obama began his visit with a roundtable with about a dozen Muslim leaders from around the country. Among the roundtable participants are Suzanne Barakat, a Read more


M Live: Woman Opens Up Dialogue with ‘Ask a Muslim’ booth

posted by Randall

Muslim Americans A woman frustrated about stereotypes and misinformation about her beliefs as a Muslim has set up a booth specifically designed to draw attention and elicit questions and dialogue, reports M Live.

Mona Haydar and her husband came up with the idea after hearing an episode of the radio show This American Life and  heard about … Read more


Chicago Sun Times: Muslim Chaplain at Northwestern Charges United with Discrimination

posted by Randall

Tahera AhmadA campus chaplain from Northwestern University is charging United Airlines with discrimination after an on-board incident with a flight attendant and passenger, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Tahera Ahmad accused the flight attendant of making a derogatory remark to her after she requested an unopened can of Diet Coke.

Ahmad says the flight attendant … Read more

Asian Americans

Christianity Daily: Asian American Faith Leaders to Converge on White House

posted by Randall

Lighting the Community SummitA couple of hundred leaders from the Asian American and Pacific Islander Christian community will gather in Washington, DC next month and meet with White House officials, reports the Christianity Daily.

The 8th annual Lighting the Community Summit is hosted by Korean Churches of Community Development. Last year’s summit attracted 180 AAPI leaders representing … Read more

Asian Americans

USA Today: Abercrombie & Fitch Discrimination Case to Be Heard by Supreme Court

posted by Randall

Abercrombie & Fitch modelsDid Abercrombie and Fitch discriminate against a 17-year old Muslim girl because of her religion?

That’s the case the US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear Wednesday, reports USA Today.

The chain, which has been no stranger to controversy, is accused of denying Samantha Elauf  a job because she is Muslim and wore a … Read more


Bay Area Reporter: Asian American LGBTs turn to church for support

posted by Randall

gayA report from a San Francisco city task force on lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transgenders has found that the church is an important source of support for Asian American and Pacific Islander members of the LGBT community, reports the Bay Area Reporter (photo by See-Ming Lee).

A survey of more than 600 members of … Read more

Community Issues

ABC7/KGO TV: Report finds bullying against Muslim teens on upswing

posted by Randall

 Fatima AbdoA report from the Council on American Islamic Relations has found 1 out of 5 Muslim teens are bullied because of their religion, according to ABC7/KGO.

Sometimes the bullying involves a teacher.

“Everyone was chatting and then my teacher just turns to me and she’s like, ‘If you don’t stop talking, I’m going to … Read more


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