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Forbes: Why NBC Should Let Ann Curry Out of Her Contract

television remoteIt wasn’t that long ago that NBC wanted Ann Curry to have a very public lunch with Matt Lauer. Executives at the Peacock Network hoped the lunch would help resurrect Lauer’s image which took a big hit after Curry’s ouster from the Today Show hosting chair.

Chances that the lunch will ever happen took a severe hit when Curry’s lawyers reportedly asked NBC to let her out of her contract. The assumption is Curry would go to NBC where for NBC Chief Jeff Zucker and Curry’s former Executive Producer is headed in February.

Julia Bricklin wrote in Forbes that the best way for NBC to boost Lauer’s image is to let her go to CNN. After all, if the network doesn’t value Curry’s work, why would it want to keep on paying her?

What do you think? From a business point of view, why should or why shouldn’t  NBC let Curry go to CNN?



  1. Allow Ann to do whatever she wants. NBC hasn't even been using her recently to sub for Brian Williams. Seldom has anyone been treated this poorly in such a public way. I watched "Today" for 25 years – until June 28th, 2012. I now have such negative feelings toward the program that, like a business that treats you poorly, I have chosen not to go back and give them my business. I have become a big fan of "CBS This Morning" – real people; solid journalism; great interviews; visually appealing.


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