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RNS: Muslim American Leaders Stand Up Against Terrorism

posted by Randall

MuslimMuslim American leaders renounced terrorism in the name if Islam, reported RNS.

In a move to distance themselves from the suspected Boston Marathon bombers who are Muslims from Chechnya, they said ““We will never allow ourselves to be hijacked by this attempt, and we will not allow the perception to be that there is any religion in the world that condones the taking of innocent life,” said Nihad Awad, national executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

It is not clear whether the two suspects identify with Islam.

“Just because they say they’re Muslim doesn’t make them Muslim,” Abdul-Haqq of Washington’s Masjid Muhammad mosque said at the press conference. “These are criminal acts, not religious acts.”

You can read more about the statements made by Muslim American leaders on RNS.

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  1. AsAmNews says:

    From Rene Astudillo via Facebook re Muslim Am Groups Renounce Terrorism.: It doesn't help that many TV and radio outlets are playing the Muslim card in their "analysis" of the Boston Marathon incident! Example. KGO's Monty."

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