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Asian Fortune: Asian American Businesses Going Green

environmentMore Asian American owned businesses are turning to environmental friendly practices as the core foundation of their mission, reports Asian Fortune.

According to Buck Consultants, a 2011 MIT study found that sustainability is now a part of  70 percent of corporate agendas.

The fact that Asian American businesses are a big part of this shouldn’t be a surprise.  A 2008 National Asian American Survey found that 71 percent of Asian Americans identify as environmentalists. That’s more than any other ethnic group in America.

“Getting back to nature is getting back to our ancestry,” said Rena Cole who hosts her own show.  “The Asians are all about living in harmony with nature.”

Karl Huie runs a water-based laundry service, avoiding all the chemicals other laundries use which he says are harmful to the environment.

Theresa Fette, the half-Vietnamese American CEO of Provident Trust, has made her company paperless.

You can read more about how turning green has positively impacted both companies bottom lines in Asian Fortune.




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