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MD India: Asian Pacific Islanders Most Likely to die from Brain Hemorrhage


Health Care, HospitalA new study has found that Asian and Pacific Islanders are more likely than Caucasians to die from subarachnoid hemorrhage, a brain hemorrhage and form of a stroke, while in the hospital, reports MD India.

The study from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto  and published in the Journal of Neurosurgery found that ethnicity and race in the United States are key indicators of who will survive and who will be discharged.

Researcher Dr. Loch Macdonald also found that African Americans are more likely to be institutionalized and Hispanics less likely to die when compared to Caucasians.

“We believe there could be fundamentally important differences between the biological responses of different ethnic groups to diseases like SAH, rather than any difference due to their medical treatment,” Dr. Macdonald said. “If we can understand what the biological basis is for the better outcome of some ethnic groups, then maybe we can develop ways to use the beneficial effects to help everyone with SAH.”





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