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Huff Post: An open letter to President Obama from his #Chinatown heckler

Ju HongJu Hong, the San Francisco State University student and undocumented immigrant who heckled President Obama during his appearance in San Francisco’s Chinatown last week, has written an open letter to President Obama in the Huffington Post..
He once again scolded the President for the high number of deportations during his administration.

And while you expressed your support for comprehensive immigration reform, you did not address how an average of 1,100 immigrants are deported every single day under your administration. You did not address how you deported 205,000 parents of U.S. citizens in the last two years. You did not address how, because of your administration’s record number of deportations–nearly two million immigrants in five years, a record–families are being torn apart: spouses are being separated from each other, parents are being separated from their children, and our brothers and sisters are being separated from one another.

Hong reminded the President that during the heat of his re-election campaign he issued by executive order the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, making undocumented immigrants who arrived before the age of 16 and are currently below the age of 31, eligible for protection from deportation.  Hong urged President Obama to issue a similar executive order to stop deportations.

I also know that you have the power to stop the deportations, and that you have the power to stop the suffering, fear, and intimidation facing millions of immigrants like my family.

You can read the entire open letter in the Huffington Post.



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