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CNN: 30 members of Congress back call for Pres Obama to stop deportations

Ju HongThe pleadings of a heckler at a recent San Francisco’s Chinatown rally for President Obama is being heard by members of Congress, reports CNN.

Thirty members of Congress have signed on to a letter urging the President to use his executive authority to stop deportations of undocumented immigrants.

The letter reads:

Every deportation of a father, a sister, or a neighbor tears at our social consciousness; every unnecessary raid and detention seriously threatens the fabric of civil liberties we swore to uphold. We are talking about American families and American communities. Criminalizing American families or giving local law enforcement the responsibility to choose who stays and who goes, is not the right option…

We cannot continue to witness potential citizens in our districts go through the anguish of
deportation when legalization could be just around the corner for them. We look to you to firmly
contribute to advancing inclusion for immigrants by suspending deportations and expanding DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).
Among those signing the letter are Rep Mike Honda (D-CA) and Rep Mark Takano (D-CA).
The letter follows a recent incident in which undocumented immigrants, UC Berkeley graduate and San Franciso State University grad student Ju Hong (pictured) interrupted the President’s speech demanding he stop deportations.
You can read the letter to the President in its entirety on CNN.
You can watch the heckling incident below.


  1. From @ServantOnIce via Twitter RE: 30 members of Congress back call for Pres Obama to stop deportations: Criminal aliens and national security threats have to be deported.


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