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Tessanne Chin wins the Voice

Tessane Chin

(correction: It seems I’ve upset half of Jamaica by reportingTessanne Chin is both American and Jamaican. Tessanne was born in Jamaica to Richard Chin, who is of both Chinese & Jamaican descent. Her mother is Christine Chin who is of English and black descent. Tessanne is not Asian American. I apologize for the error).

Jamaican native Tessanne Chin has been crowned the winner of The Voice, Season 5, reports MTV.

Her father is Chinese with Cherokee ancestry and her mother is half Black and half English/African ancestry.

Chin sang Tonight is the Night with the other two finalist, but she is the only one to walk away with the grand prize– a recording contract with Universal Music.

Celine Dion & Lady Gaga also joined the night’s festivities.


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  1. RE: First Asian American wins major TV talent show: The girl is not American. Asian American, Asian African, Asian English. The child is Jamaican.

  2. RE: First Asian American wins major TV talent show competition: SHE IS JAMAICAN, SHE WAS BORN HERE, SHE GREW UP HERE AND HER FAMILY IS ALSO FROM HERE!

  3. RE: First Asian American wins major tv talent show competition: Kindly correct your article. Tessanne Chin is Jamaican. Do NOT take this opportunity to spin this to promote AMERICA! Further more she went to school in ENGLAND for a while so if anything you would mention that.

  4. RE: Tessane Chin wins the Voice: her decent dont have nothing to do with the price of rice… Jamaicans black, chinese, white, indian see themselves as JAMAICANS, we are out of many one people… I believe the majority of the offense came from that and the lack of mention of Jamaica in the previous title>> not by you saying she is American-jamaican decent…

  5. RE: Tessane Chin wins the Voice: Thanks for fixing! Congrats Tessane! Maybe someday an Asian American will win – looking forward to it 🙂

  6. From Brian via e-mail RE Tessane Chin wins the Voice: Please conduct some research prior to posting anything in reference to Jamaica.
    Jamaicans are a mixed people, please refer to our National Motto – "Out of many, one
    people". We don't regard lineage as you guys do. We are simply Jamaicans
    okay….Tessanne is jamaican full stop…no validation needed…every Jamaican is from some
    decent…European or otherwise and hardly ever American.

    we are Jamaicans…..it need not be qualified.

  7. RE: Tessanne Chin wins the Voice: Thanks for the correction Randall. We are proud to be simply Jamaicans. We don’t waste our time focusing on decent. We are a melting pot of talented ambitious people, who refuse to partake in nonsensical categorizing. Jamaicans we are, and Jamaicans we will always be.

  8. RE: Tessanne Chin wins the Voice: Thank you for correcting your post and saying clearly that the winner of NBCs The Voice Season # 5 is Jamaican. #ThisIsHowWeDoIt

  9. RE: Tessanne Chin wins the Voice: Good that you corrected it that is very commendable of you. Hails to Our Jamaican Empress!!! Tessanne Chin

  10. RE: Tessanne Chin wins the Voice: Technically once we are born in Jamaica we are Americans, Jamaica is in North America so we are all Americans. But, I agree that we make the distinction to not mislead ignorant readers. I am excited about Tessanne’s triumph and eagerly awaiting the album. Want to see her topping iTune charts for years to come with her original records.


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