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The Filipino slur heard around the world

Anchorman 2A Filipino dog eating joke is making its way around the world.

With the box office success of Anchorman 2, predicted by the Hollywood Reporter to surpass $85.3 million domestically by today, the film is expected to have similar success on the international market.

And that, according to Emil Guillermo in his blog published by the Inquirer means a “racist” joke about Filipinos eating dogs will be heard worldwide.

Guillermo is well aware that some reading this will consider him to be “too sensitive.” He addresses those people directly in his blog. He wrote:

True, the movie is pure silliness. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s no big deal. Racism is a form of ignorance. And that’s much different from the kind of put-on silliness and stupidity that is the bread and butter of Anchorman 2…

…For those who think who still think there’s no big deal, how would you like it if the only time you hear “Filipino” mentioned in global pop culture is as a punch line?

Bad enough to be generally excluded from mainstream pop culture.

 Read Guillermo’s blog in the Inquirer and share your thoughts on the matter.




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