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Culture Map: Jeremy Lin pushed further down the @HoustonRockets bench

Jeremy LinJeremy Lin has “gone from starter to bench player to forgotten man,” according to a blog by Chris Baldwin in the Culture Map.

Baldwin says coach Kevin McHale has never really liked Lin as a player and is now doing to Lin what he always wanted to do.

Lin is no longer the first option off the bench.  In fact, in the last three out of four games, another bench player has logged more minutes than Lin.

According to Baldwin, the Rockets can get away with not playing Lin against lesser teams. But when it comes to the elite, the teams like the Clippers and Thunder, teams the Rockets need to beat to get to the championship, they need Lin.

What do you think of McHale’s handling of Lin. McHale is a former six man himself for the championship teams of the Boston Celtics. Is he handling Lin right?




  1. RE: Jeremy Lin gets pushed further down the @HoustonRockets bench: Lin needs to remain in “the game” to remain “sharp” especially as the near the playoffs. If Lin gets playing time, the Rockets could get a higher wins and maybe some homecourt advantage. McHale should know better from his own 6th man role. The crowd should be chanting “we want Lin” at every home game.

  2. RE: Jeremy Lin pushed further down the Houston Rockets bench: Sadly, Lin is overmatched against elite competition. He turns the ball over too, much, makes bad decisions. He deserves to be in the NBA, but he’s really a good role player, 10-18 minute guy..


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