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Fox News host issues half-hearted apology for racial slur

Bob BeckelFox News host Bob Beckel issued a half-hearted apology for his use of the racial slur “Chinamen” last week during Monday’s program of The Five..

In a brief 100 word statement, not including all his uhs and ums, Beckel devoted 26 words to his apology for “his comments” which he never acknowledged as a slur and 74 words to his continued rant on China.

You can watch his apology in its entirety in the clip below.

Every good commentator knows you don’t mix messages. If you’re going to apology and do it with sincerity, then apologize. If you’re going to rant about China, then rant about China. But don’t bury your apology in an editorial about the evils of China. It’s cowardly. It’s insincere. It’s crap. Issuing a 100 word statement in which 26 percent is devoted to an apology and 74 percent is dedicated to something else hardly qualifies as heartfelt.

Beckel showed no respect for the Asian American community. He showed no understanding that the word he used is a racial slur and he showed no remorse what so ever.

You can watch his original use of the slur in the clip below.

Meantime Fox News is a co-conspirator in all this. It has issued no public reprimand. It has chosen to remain silent on the issue. Its silence is indicative of just how seriously they take this issue. They don’t take it seriously at all.Fox News Channel

AsAmNews tried to reach Fox News on Saturday and again today and asked in an email the following questions:

What is Fox News policy regarding the use of such racially offensive language?

Will there be an on air apology?

Will Mr Beckel be disciplined?

Well, we’ve heard the apology and we’re not impressed. We don’t know what Fox News policy is because its not saying.

Mr. Beckel remains on the air, so if there has been any discipline handed out, it hasn’t been announced.

Fox News has every right to be a voice for conservatives and its done that quite successfully. While Beckel plays the part of the liberal voice on The Five, it’s no secret Fox News slants conservative.

But is conservatism the same as racism? I’d like to think not. But as voters of color move increasing away from the Republican party in record numbers as it did in the last presidential election, incidents like this one don’t do anything for the Republican cause unless this is what it wants conservatism to stand for.

Two more politicians today called for Beckel to resign.

Mike HondaIn a statement issued before Beckel’s on air apology, US Representative Mike Honda (D-Santa Clara Valley) wrote “As the founder of the Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus, I know that words hurt, and slurs are used to intimidate. Fox News needs to do the right thing and
fire Bob Beckel.”

California Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) agreed.

“Racism has no place in our society,” said Ting. “Unfortunately, last week’s incident on Fox Phil TingNews is just the latest slur uttered by Bob Beckel when referring to Chinese people. No apologies will do. We’ve already gotten empty apologies from Beckel in the past. He once laughed on the air mid-apology while saying that the term ‘Chinamen’ is not a racial slur. It’s time for Beckel to go. There should be no place for a serial racist on television.”

The statements from Honda and Ting follow similar statements yesterday from California State Senator Ted Lieu.


  1. RE: Fox News hosts issues half-hearted apology for use of racial slur: Maybe start a boycott of the shows sponsors. Hit them in the wallet where it really hurts. Just compile the list & sample letter.


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