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Daily Beast: Final Jeopardy Answer: Who should be Asian American?

posted by Randall

Incredible HulkFinal Jeopardy Clue: In 2015, this Marvel character was re-imagined as Asian American

Final Jeopardy Answer: Who is the Hulk?

No, that announcement hasn’t been made yet. But Jeopardy champ Arthur Chu says it ought to be.

In recent days, Disney Marvel has announced that Thor is a woman and Captain America is black. So why couldn’t the Incredible Hulk be Asian American?

Chu in the Daily Beast outlines the reasons why this makes sense.

Read his take and then give us yours. Which superhero do you think would make a good Asian American?

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  1. Lindane 47 says:

    RE: Final Jeopardy Answer: Who Should be Asian American: I’ve always thought Spider-Man was really Korean American! Peter Park, get it? Aunt May even has a very tical Asian female name. Wimpy Scientist (Asians are always scientists right?) who gets bitten by spider. He Needs whole body suit to hide his secret identity, unlike Superman’s strategic use of glasses… Think about it!

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