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EW: Marvel to Unveil Its Strongest Asian American Character Ever


A new Hulk is about to enter the Marvel Universe.

Bruce Banner is about to be replaced this December by kid genius Amadeus Cho when Totally Awesome Hulk is unveiled, reports EW.

Cho first appeared in the Marvel comics in 2006 when a missile intended for Cho was misfired and struck Banner, turning him into the Hulk.

This will mark the first time Marvel will have a Korean American lead character.

He will be penned by a Korean American team of Greg Pak and Frank Cho.

Amadeus Cho

“He’s going to be a very different kind of Hulk,” said Pak. “He’s 19 years old, he’s on top of the world, he thinks he’s right about everything…and he might be. Or he might not be. But this is a kid who’s got a ridiculous amount of confidence. A lot of it has been justly earned, but he may be in over his head, and he’s going to come in here and he’s determined to be the best Hulk there’s ever been. He loves being the Hulk. And that may cause massive trouble for everyone else in the Marvel Universe. It’s just a great recipe.”

You can read about why Marvel chose Cho as the new Hulk and what it means for Pak to pen a Hulk that is Asian American in EW.


  1. Re: Marvel to unveil its strongest Asian American character ever: this is HUGE – no pun intended. IMO it’s right up there with Obama being elected POTUS.


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