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Hey, There are Asians Up in Those Hills

Election 2016Super Tuesday II has arrived.

The way the Republicans are going at it it really does feel like round 2.

Voters in Florida, Ilinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio go to the polls today.

According to APIAVote, the impact of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander voters will be felt.  There are 127,000 and 136,000 eligible AAPI voters in Ohio and North Carolina respectively, while in Florida, there are over 372,000 eligible AAPI voters, making up 2.5% of the total share of eligible voters in the state.

AAPIs also make up 4% of Illinois’ electorate with 383,000 eligible voters.

As we have seen so far this year, the primaries and caucuses in many states have close elections—your vote counts.

Can’t find your voting place? You can find all this voter information on our website today→ apiavote.org/voter-information

Help decide who the next presidential nominee will be.


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