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NY Times: Ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang Apologizes to Akai Gurley’s Partner

The New York Times reported that ex-NYPD officer Peter Liang met with Kimberly Ballinger, Akai Gurley’s partner early Thursday and apologized.

The meeting between Liang and Ballinger was less than five minutes and took place in one of the conference rooms at the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, a neutral location.

They met just one day after after Brooklyn District Attorney, Ken Thompson made a public statement to recommend five years probation, 500 hours of community service and six months of house arrest instead of jail time.

Liang faces a possible sentence of 15 years for second degree manslaughter when his gun went off and the bullet ricocheted off a wall killing Akai Gurley.

Liang’s attorney, Paul Shectman and Ballinger’s attorney Scott Rynecki were present at the meeting

“He said he was very sorry, that he knows how difficult it is to lose a loved one and that”, the shooting “was the last thing he could have ever imagined happening,” said Shectman.

“Ballinger told Liang the shooting had changed her life and that of her daughter with Mr. Gurley, Akaila, who is 3. Ms. Ballinger responded by letting him know that because of his actions that night, she now has a 3 year old who doesn’t have a father, “ said Rynecki.

Liang and Ballinger shook hands after the meeting. Ballinger neither accepted or declined his apology.

Thompson’s request for no jail time was criticized by the Gurley family.

“We are outraged at District Attorney Thompson’s inadequate sentencing recommendation, “ the family said in a statement. “Officer Liang was convicted of manslaughter and he should serve time in prison for his crime.”

Whether Judge Chun will accept Thompson’s recommendation will not be made known till Liang’s sentencing date on April 14.

Share your thoughts on Liang’s apology and Ballinger’s response.

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  1. RE: Ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang apologizes to Akai Gurley’s mom & partner:Correction: Liang was convicted of second degree manslaughter, but has not yet been sentenced. He is facing a possible sentence of up to 15 years.


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