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Congressional Sit In for Gun Control Ends

By Ed Diokno


The sit in in the chambers of the House of Representatives just ended minutes ago. (June 23).

Hundreds of supporters outside the Capitol cheered the Democratic House members as they walked down the steps. The Congress members’ hair was a little unkempt and their suits a bit rumpled, they smile and waved. The demonstration ended the way it began, with the words of civil rights icon, Rep. John Lewis.

“We are going to win. We are going to win. The fight, the fight is not over. This is just one step. When we come back here on July the 5th, we are going to continue to push, to pull, to stand up and if necessary, to sit down or sit in,” he said.

He then strongly urged people to vote in the November election.

“The vote is precious. It’s almost sacred,” he said. “No one but no one can afford to stay home on election day. We got to get out there and do it and turn our country around and build a community of love and hope.”


The unprecedented action which drew the support of AAPI members of the House and Senate began yesterday morning at the urging of Lewis, the civil rights icon in order to get the GOP-controlled chamber to vote on two gun control bills in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida two weeks ago which killed 50 people.

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Many of the Democratic lawmakers spend the night in the chamber with aides bringing in pillows, blankets and food.


To hear what Rep. Mike Honda (D-Silicon Valley) has to say about this historic action, click here.


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  1. RE: Congressional sit in for gun control ends: The hypocrisy is too blatant. They should have done this for our foreign wars, domestic poverty, homeless or healthcare. Our military is conducting operations in roughly 7 foreign nations, and the income disparity gap is growing. However, this emotional issue is what finally gets the Government upset. How many babies are killed by bombs, pollution and made into mutants from our toxic military waste like depleted uranium rounds? How many babies die because of malnutrition, poverty or abuse of power in America? The numbers do not lie, and there are so many things our Government needs to address. The disarmament is moving forward, and the sheeple are rushing to give away their ability to prevent fascism. We are wasting all of this political will, and energy banning firearms, when the coming 3D home printing revolution will negate any laws. People will simply 3D print whatever they want. Firearms receivers, and high capacity magazines are already being printed. How will you legislate that out of existence? The technology is overwhelming the present legal system, and structure. I am more afraid of what we shall be able to manufacture from home. The future chemical revolution and 3D home manufacturing, will change the face of engineering, and weapons development. The information, knowledge and technology will not be suppressed by the Government indefinitely. Already a high school kid made an atomic weapon. That was just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come in our future. You want less people dying from firearms. The answer is easy. END THE FOREIGN WARS NOW!!! Cooperate with the major powers, so that we can FOCUS on our domestic problems.


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