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Anger Over This Picture Of An Asian Flight Attendant


By Zara Zhi
AsAmNews Staff Writer

A Facebook post by an irate American Airlines customer involving an Asian flight attendant has gone viral. On Sept. 6 Maggie Dietrich posted a photo of an Asian male flight attendant to American Airline’s Facebook page with the caption: “Disgraceful.”

The image seems mundane at first, with the flight attendant servicing a passenger. But upon closer inspection, he’s wearing a Black Lives Matter pin. The post has garnered over 1.2K reactions, 2,227 shares and over 1.3K comments.

While many – mostly Caucasian – users chastised the attendant for his political statement, the most highly up-voted comments are in support of him.

Ricky Djrhayne Haynes wrote:

“What’s disgraceful about a man who believes the life of African Americans should matter and we shouldn’t be treated with such disregard? He’s actually what a company should look for, an employee who shows compassion for others. American Airlines, I appreciate you having an employee who believes in the fair treatment of others.”

Monique Holms said:

“I propose a boycott of American Airlines if they so much as to say a word to this young man. I refuse to do business with any business that thinks that my people or people like them don’t deserved to be treated equally I’m this country.”

Julian Christopher wrote:

“Where’s the disgrace?! All I see is someone doing their job and showing they care.”

Melissa Williams said:

“So People of Color supporting BLM is a problem. What about white allies that support us? Would they be viewed the same? SMH.”

American Airlines made a cryptic response to the complaint saying they hid the image of the employee:

“We appreciate your concerns and have alerted our flight attendant management team who will investigate and ensure all uniform standards are followed. In accordance with our community guidelines, we’ve hidden your posts since it includes a photo of an employee. Thanks for your understanding.”

The identity of the employee in question has not yet been released, nor has he commented on the matter.

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  1. RE: Anger over this picture of an Asian flight attendant: BLM Toronto is a joke; shills and scammers. Disrupting events, calling for death/violence on white people, no direction or community outreach. They’ve been getting more aggressive and assaulting people. That’s just my city, I’m sure each is different but you can see why some people are angry. Could try argue it’s just a slogan and has no connection to the group but come on.


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