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FBI Accused of Singling Out Chinese Americans

posted by Randall
Polygraph test

Polygraph test

A leading national security defense attorney is accusing the FBI of targeting Chinese Americans in an effort to find inside threats in the intelligence agency.

Mark Zaid told Fox News the agency is using the “sledgehammer instead of laser precision” to seek out employees they are accusing of manipulating the results of polygraph tests. Polygraph tests are given every five years to federal employees with a security clearance.

“They’re sacrificing tons, dozens and dozens of Americans who’re doing nothing but their jobs, and the FBI is one of the worst to do this,” said Zaid.

Presumably many of those employees are Chinese Americans, although Zaid does not identify any of those employees by name or elaborate on any Chinese Americans he feels have been unjustly targeted.

There have, however,  been numerous reports of unfair prosecution of Chinese Americans, but this is the first involving FBI employees.

Espionage charges against Temple University Professor Xiaoxing Xi had to be dropped last year after new evidence surfaced which contradicted allegations he had sent sensitive information about his research to China.

Also last year, spy charges were dropped against a Chinese American employee of the National Weather Service accused of sharing information with a colleague in China. The case against Sherry Chen was held up an an example of overzealous prosecution.

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Zaid said the FBI has accused employees of using so called counter measures to fool the polygraph.  Counter measures are defined as changes in behavior designed to change the polygraph results. Examples include the biting of the tongue or even counting backwards from 7.

Fox News reports increased fears of an insider threat from China in the aftermath of high profile breaches has lead to an emphasis on weeding out counter measures. One employee accused of using counter measures was put on leave pending an appeal.

“They are on unpaid leave for two or three years. There’s no voice for these people. When you look at it you have anything but utter disappointment and sadness and pathetic feelings for how our system works.”

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