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Chinese Grocery Workers Told to “Go Back to China”

Frank Hong Facebook videoBy Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

When you think about it, social media is really a mirror on society.

Unfortunately, sometimes that image isn’t pretty.

Frank Hong says he was shopping at an Asian grocery store in Scarborough near Toronto when a White shopper began berating the employees there for not speaking English.

“Go back to China. This is Canada. English country,” the woman screamed.

Hong tried to calm the woman, but when that didn’t work, he grabbed his smart phone and began recording the incident.

Being monolingual myself, I too have been frustrated by my inability to communicate with others at time. That doesn’t excuse anyone belittling others just because you don’t understand their accent or because English isn’t their first language.

Other shoppers offered to translate for the woman, but she seemed more interested in scolding the workers.

She only succeeded in exposing her own ignorance.

“If they’re going to work here, it’s the law to know English,” she kept repeating.

Actually the law only applies to Federal workers.

“Go back to CHINA.” I never thought I’d hear those words in real life but this just happened as I was trying to get some food at a Chinese specialty store,” Hong wrote on his Facebook page. “Racism and xenophobia isn’t far from us nor has it gone away.”

Kudos to all those who came to the employees defense. It’s gratifying to be reminded there are still a lot of good and strong people out there.

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  1. RE: Chinese Grocery Workers told to “Go Back to China:How she like the food and culture but not the people? People make the culture!!! She wanted an excuse to spout her racist rants that is why she went! I guess she wants to come out of the racist closet. She felt she is entitled to say what ever she wants. Racist and liberal closet racist always feel the need to feel speak and ignorantly educated about the law!

  2. RE: Chinese Grocery Workers told to “Go Back to China.”: According to this lady, “it is the law to know English” in Canada..then probably a lot of people are breaking the law in Canada and should be send to jail. All of the provinces’ jails would be filled with thousands of Chinese (and whoever else) sitting in confinement for not speaking English

  3. RE: Chinese Grocery Workers told to “Go Back to China.”: so, not only in the USA, but also in Canada, where people are supposed to be polite…… I guess we don’t have a monopoly on hate & craziness after all…..


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