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Employees berated for speaking foreign language

A video of a racist customer harassing two clerks behind a drug store counter near Vancouver, Canada has gone viral, generating nearly one million views on Facebook in 24 hours. The video appears to have since been removed by either the person who took it or by Facebook.

However, at least for now, you can still find it on You Tube.

The video showed an irate customer berating the employees in abusive language for apparently speaking Chinese. The workers are only heard speaking English on the video, so AsAmNews can not confirm what language they were speaking.

“Speaking in Chinese. Shut up, you’re rude. Speak English in Canada. Shut up, you’re rude. Go somewhere else,” the unidentified woman says.

The crazed customer demanded to speak to a manager so she could formally complain.

Another employee stepped in inviting the customer to come to the back of the store to speak to a manager. That only makes the woman angrier.

“You want a manager to talk to me, you bring a manger here,” she demands.

“Get out,” the employee responds pointing to the door.

“If you want to talk to me, you bring your manager here, you idiot. Or go speak Chinese to your other staff and sh*t talk somewhere else.”

“What the hell is going on. Does he start fights with all your f*cking” people.”

“Shut up and get out of here, you idiot,” the woman continues.

Sadly, the woman appears to be with a young child who looks confused, baffled and rightfully embarrassed.

Alan Tee who posted the original video wrote “saw this happen today at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Kingsway/McMurray. I just want to put this lady on blast for being extremely rude and racist. And hopefully show her there’s consequences to this type of behavior. It’s sad to see this sort of racism still in 2019 and in Greater Vancouver, BC, and Canada ? #racism.”

AsAmNews reached out to Tee on Monday requesting more details about what he witnessed, but he has not responded.

The video is drawing comparisons to another video also originating from British Columbia. In that video, a woman is heard screaming to an Asian woman, “Go back to China where you belong, you f—ing a—hole”

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