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Laziest Chef feeds 16 people for under $25


By Esther Yang, AsAmNews Staff Writer

Bruschetta —an Italian dish going back to the Roman Years when the ancients try their olive oil with a slice of bread.

5 ingredients — Ciabatta or Italian/French bread, tomatoes, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and Organic baby spinach — 10 minutes or maybe even less

Now it has many variations. You can add fresh Ricotta or Mozzarella Cheese, basil, balsamic vinegar, a touch of honey or prosciutto, and tons of it. Hey, if you are going to cheat – do it BIG!

My friend felt bad that I do not own a cutting board. So, he bought three bamboo cutting boards for me. The cutting board has a lifetime warranty.

Imagine that??? I better live forever to enjoy it.

From Esther Yang

A get-together party to go to – (My friends are all Covid-19 certified negative, and we did social distance + masks – our new normal). Since I am the laziest chef, I brought bruschetta. 4 loaves of bread for 16 people. Each person has about 8 inches of bruschetta. Everyone was happy and stuffed!!!

Of course they raved about my bruschetta. 😁

My grocery bill for the party:

Four loaves of bread @ $3.99 each (4 x $3.99) = $15.962. Cherry tomatoes – $1.503. Organic Baby Spinach – $1.50 (this recipe portion only)4. Olive oil – $35. Parmesan cheese $3Total – $24.96 ÷ 16 portions = $1.56/serving. 

You can also freeze the bruschetta for midnight snacks or early breakfast or lunch. 

The recipe:
1. Any French, Italian, sourdough, seven-grain bread, or whatever you got.
2. Pour olive oil. I like the light olive oil. I never use corn oil, vegetable oil — yuck. Yes, olive oil is a little bit more expensive. A good investment if you want to live forever with everything in your body still working. My humble opinion.

By Esther Yang

3. Add tomatoes, salt, dry parsley, and Parmesan cheese or not. Or whatever cheese you have in your fridge like brie cheese (yum), Camembert (more yum), ricotta cheese (yum, yum, yum) or add fresh mozzarella cheese and make it a 4 cheese Bruschetta.  Life is so much fun with kitchen adventure 🙂 or keep it simple like mine with just tomatoes, olive oil, and baby spinach.
4. Turn on the oven — 350 degrees. Bake for 5/10 minutes until brown. Do not burn the cheese.

5. Add the cut-up spinach before serving or basil. I highly recommend that you have a pair of scissors strictly for cooking. So much fun using scissors than using a knife to cut my veggies. Memories of my childhood art project.
Allergic to bread? Use your fav flatbread or toast or make your own vegan bread. Hate tomatoes? Do without, it still tastes yummy. Vegan? Use plant-based cheese.

Happy cooking. Happy adventure. Happy Everything. Love to you all ❤❤❤ #bruschetta #italiandinner # tomatoes #easy dinner #lazychef

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