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China Mac stunned hearing rapper Gunplay’s racist rant

Photo of Gunplay via Flickr Creative Commons by Deadpool46. Photo of China Mac by Nancy Hung and Lillian Bit

By Louis Chan, AsAmNews National Correspondent

A profanity laced racist tirade by rapper Gunplay left fellow rapper China Mac nearly speechless.

Appearing in a video interview on YouTube, China Mac looked stunned when Uncle Nick, the self-proclaimed Don Rickles of YouTube, played a video for the Brooklyn-born musician of Gunplay going off.

“Make my life have corona you f*cking, ch*nk, g**k, f*ck,” Gunplay said, stringing together a list of nonsensical cuss words and anti-Asian slurs.

“You g**k piece of sh*t. You f*cking Chinese g**k,’ he went on.

China Mac appeared off guard when Uncle Nick asked him about the video, saying he had not heard about it before hand. You can watch Gunplay’s one minute rant below.

China Mac chose his words slowly, carefully contemplating his response.

“Who is he talking to? He’s not just talking to ‘Asian people period. He’s talking to specifically somebody,” China Mac speculated.

China Mac hoped for the best, saying Gunplay said those words out of anger and under the influence of possibly cocaine, a reference to Gunplay’s past drug addiction.

“I hope that is not how you really truly feel , but if you do, f*ck you,” China Mac said showing both confusion and anger. “Suck a d*ck. I hope he did it in a way he was upset because I know a lot of people say crazy shit when they’re upset.”

China Mac said he doesn’t condone what Gunplay did and acknowledged Asians have said racist things as well. However, he said words can have consequences.

“The sh*t you’re saying might cause a person to push an old lady in a train track, pushing an 80-year-old lady in a train track and kill her , all because of some sh*t your stupid ass coke head ass wreckless said ,” China Mac said.

Facing backlash for his words, Gunplay denied he was racist saying “I love Asians. I watch Japanese porn. Second of all, you didn’t see the motherf*cker was trolling me, calling me (N word) the whole time. I have no problems with Asians. I would love to f*ck an Asian.”

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