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Hate incident at Halsey concert in Irvine


An Asian American woman from Orange County, California said she experienced racism while at a Halsey concert.

Catt Phan first posted about the incident on Medium. She wrote that she attended Halsey concert with her friend, who is also an Asian American woman, in Irvine on July 9. Throughout the night, Phan claims a group of four friends behind them kept making rude comments as they got drunk.

During the encore, Phan said a woman in the group spilled her drink on a man she was with. The man then proceeded to dump his whole drink on Phan’s friend.

“The guy had the nerve to try and laugh it off, tried to use his fingers to stop my mouth from moving as I was confronting them, and then laughed in our faces,” Phan wrote.

She overheard the woman who spilled her drink say, “F**k those Asian b*tches. Don’t let them ruin our night — they don’t belong here anyways.”

Phan was also concerned that no one attempted to intervene despite the rise in anti-Asian hate.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable that we have to be shot at,” Phan said in an interview with CBS News. “l be pushed (and) disrespected and what do I have to be dead for anyone to care?”   

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  1. How come she and her companion didn’t at least take photos/videos of the security guards and those racist concert goers? She did the right thing in going to the security guards but after they wouldn’t help she needed to raise the level. Those security guards and those racists needed to know there were consequences for their action/inaction. Having the photos and/or videos would let their bosses, customers, neighbors, and communities know what piece of sh*t they really are, but I didn’t get that she took any photos/videos. You should have done more, you and your companion had time to think and know you guys had to step up your actions. You guys just made those people walk away and feel it is ok to give Asians trouble and you walk away like nothing happened. I hope you and your companion take some self-defense classes and learning to become more assertive.


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