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Nicki Haley in discussion for 2024 GOP Presidential nomination

With President Trump declaring his candidacy for president Tuesday, speculation grows about who will contest him.

One of those who has been coy about her intentions is former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador under Trump, Nicki Haley.

Haley said in October to NBC that she would give a candidacy serious thought early next year, which is just a couple of months away.

“We’ll see if he runs,” speaking about Trump on October 3. “He hasn’t said he’s gonna run. So, you know, we’ll make a decision after the first semester and figure it out.”

Haley visit Iowa in June, a must-stop for any presidential contender. Very few national figures ever leave Iowa without someone asking if they’ll run for president.

“What I’ve always said is, I love this country,” she said in the Des Moines Register. “I had the pleasure of serving the state that raised me and defending the country I love so much. And if it looks like there’s a place for me next year, I’ve never lost a race. I’m not going to start now. I’ll put 1,000% in and I’ll finish it. If there’s not a place for me, I will fight for this country until my last breath.”

An article this week in the Washington Post ranked the possible GOP nominees. The ranking is a listing of the top 10 possible presidential nominees. The list placed Haley seventh. The Post wrote:

“After the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Haley was one of the biggest voices making a pragmatic case that the party needed to move on from Trump. (Like others, she quickly backed off.) But even as Trumpism suffered another big setback on Election Day and some in the party make a similar argument, the former United Nations ambassador has been remarkably quiet. She seems to have decided it’s best not to leap too soon. But if others adopt the same posture, it’s far less likely the party makes a clean break and rallies behind another candidate.”

A recent poll published in Greenville Online showed that in her home state, 37 percent said they would support Haley if she ran for President. That’s second to Trump with 45% in the Winthrop University poll.

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